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Sep 15, 2009
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another piece of information i picked up today:

TokyoReporter said:
Tokyo pink salons providing delectable deri heru substitute

March 28, 2010

Shukan Jitsuwa Apr. 8

This claim from a fuzoku writer — that is, one specializing in the sex industry — sounded far too appealing for Shukan Jitsuwa (Apr. 8) to ignore: “There’s a pink salon in Otsuka serving more than 200 customers a day. In this economy, that is unbelievable.”

Naturally, the tabloid felt obligated to investigate the premises, located in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward — no name for the establishment is given but a Google search reveals a few candidates — and discovered that Japan’s ongoing deflation has sent cash-strapped patrons stampeding to pink salons in favor of deri heru (out-call) sex services.

For the uninitiated, a pink salon supplies non-coital sexual services, while deri heru call girls are a bit more comprehensive.

“Since last summer, fuzoku prices have fallen like a rock,” says that same sex scribe. “In Tokyo, standard deri heru fees have dropped from 15,000 yen for 60 minutes to 10,000 yen for 40 minutes. The smaller outlay is appealing to customers. But these days, even that can’t top the reasonable fees charged by a pink salon.”

Unlike deri heru, prices have not changed, but the services rendered have been boosted. Patrons can now expect turns with three different ladies — referred to as 花びら回転 (hanabirakaiten, or literally flower petal rotation) — an increase over the two that was once the industry standard.

“Otsuka and Kichijoji are hot spots,” explains a sports shimbun editor. “Lines form in the morning. Office ladies walking through the areas wonder: ‘What is going on?’ Of course, they don’t get any answers.”

The article says that back in the day the reputation of a pink salon was not high, with the staff mainly being comprised of middle-aged ladies. However, younger gals are entering the trade, spurned on by the recent popularity. “For sure, the quality is increasing,” says a pink club manager in Tokyo. “They are college girls, freshmen or recent graduates, aged in their early twenties. During interviews it is possible to pick and choose quality talent at will.”

The customers are not the only ones benefiting from this boom. “The girls get paid on an hourly basis — usually 3,000 yen per hour plus 500 yen per customer,” says that same fuzoku writer. “With the deri heru business struggling and pay being based on a per-customer basis, gals are looking for locked-in income.”

Shukan Jitsuwa salivates at the prospect of a literal tongue lashing laid out by a cute lass for a mere 3,000 yen — the perfect stress release. (A.T.)

a little interesting read for what it is worth.
Yes, agreed.

We're waiting on a new independent article with some other views. Something that TAG is sponsoring... look for it in the next week or two.
Are there any located in Yokohama area that accept foreigners?

Hello - apologies for the delay in replying.

We don't have any reports from Yokohama as of yet. So far, I've only heard that some places will accept foreigners who will be accepted if they can speak a certain level of Japanese. This appears to be common place in Tokyo as well.

If we come across information regarding Yokohama services, we'll be sure to update this section of the forum.

I do apologize for the lack of information regarding Yokohama.