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Sep 11, 2009
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It's with great regret that I post this. Apparently, Rodger Swan or as some may know him as "Iwate Swan", passed away a few days ago due to Acute Pancreatitis.

There are a number of Japan YouTube personalities, Rodger was one of them I watched regularly.

His last video was posted just a few days before he died and you can see his channel at this link:

I don't have any other information other than what is already publicly available.

My regards go out to his family and friends, both here in Japan and back in America.

Godspeed Rodger.
Oh wow!

I have seen his videos too. He was something like 23? and about to get engaged?

That is a sad turn of events... :( Best wishes to his family and would-bride-to-be.
:( This is not a good way to start the week!

At first, I did not realize who you were talking about until I clicked the link. That's completely shocking! I remember watching his videos when he first started.

Tokyocooney is one that I watch fairly regularly, albeit, his updates have been slow lately. - He's actually got a video up for Rodger's death.

There are a number of people posting videos about Rodger, there's also a forum somewhere about long distance relationships, where he was known as 'Luckiestswan'.

Wow, Just so sad.... I can't begin to imagine how Rebecca (his gf) feels. :( :( Well, no to mention his family of course!

Just wow.....
Too young... R.I.P. Rodger.
i did not know him, but i watched his last post on youtyube and i agree with kias, too young... my regards to the family and close friends.
Over the weekend, I saw posts flying around about this. Since I live in the states, I'm subscribed to a number of YouTube and blog accounts from people living in Japan. His last video, I saw when he released it. Then, I come back to find that he's dead?! Quite a shock!

I never had exchanged emails or had direct contact with Rodger but I still feel like I lost a really close friend! :(

RIP Rodger, you will be missed for sure.
I don't mean to keep re-hashing what's already been said, but here's a few threads from the LDR forum where he used to post a lot:

One of his last posts:

Luckiestswan said:
[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]thanks for all the kind feedback!

it is really crazy for me to think that I will ask her to marry me the month after next.... wow! and it will go so quickly as well. Here in japan, we are just about to final exams (the high schools all end in late february, and then graduation is the first week of march), so right now I am rushing around at my 3 schools to cram all of the remaining material into this last month of classes.

also a buddy of mine (he is actually teaching english in south korea) flew into japan today and is staying with me for a week, so that is awesome. it is getting me even more excited for how awesome it will be when my girlfriend is here with me!

speaking of my SO, i have updated my facebook album recently with more pics including this silly one of us in target. Many more pics to come.. I love spreading them out over time, always something nice to look forward to:

ok, well hope everyone is doing well! Now I need to start assembling a valentine's day package to send my SO
Us in Target
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And one more.... (same thread)
Luckiestswan said:
[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]Hello everyone in the LYC! Rodger here, and I figured the time was right for an update on how things are going. As many of you know, after 141 days apart, I flew back to the states from Japan to spend 16 fabulous days with my girlfriend.

Where do I even begin? Well for one, it sure took a lot of traveling to get back home! It took an 8 hour night bus ride into Tokyo, 8 hours of waiting at the airport for my flight, a 12 hour flight to detroit, and then a quick 1 hour flight close to home. That was like a day and a half of traveling to get back to her! I nervously made my way off the plane and into the airport. It was about 2:45 or so in the afternoon. Rebecca’s train was scheduled to arrive just after 2. I had discovered that for some reason my US cell phone had died, so I had no way of contacting either her or my mom (I later fixed my phone). I looked around the small airport but the two most important women in my life were not yet there. I got my luggage and decided to take a seat.

After about 15 minutes, they arrived. I can not even begin to express the intense level of happiness I felt upon seeing my mother and Rebecca walking towards me. 141 days. Even writing this now is causing me to get a lump in my throat, and I have to hold back the tears. Small tears of joy formed in my eyes as I first hugged my mom. I then looked over to Rebecca. She also had tears in her eyes. We embraced in what must have been one of the most tender and loving hugs I have ever felt.

After nearly 5 months of sadness, loneliness, and the horrible distance… we were back together and all of the sadness I had felt vanished. I will never forget the immense feeling of peace and happiness I felt in that moment.

We drove back home and I was reunited with my brothers and my dad who had just returned from work. I was so happy to see everyone. We had proved that we could survive the distance, and I could not be happier.

She told me that in the mere hours we had spent together during that day that all of her sadness had vanished and it had only made her more sure that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. She said that the hours we had spent together that day alone surpassed all of her hopes and dreams, as we held each other I told her I felt exactly the same way and we kissed and drifted off into dreams.

Having her sleep next to me, and waking up to see her right next to me, gave me another surge of happiness. Following the initial reunion, I got to spend a few days with her family, and it was great meeting all of her extended relatives (I had met her core family and a few cousins before). It was really nice being involved with the family festivities, and they were all so warm and kind towards me. After Christmas, she came to spend 10 nights and 11 days at my house with my family. These were some of the happiest times I can recall in my life, and they went by far too fast. It was great getting to see my parents interact with her more, and I felt like I was in Heaven. It was also nice introducing her to my grandparents and some of my friends she had not previously met.

Of course, on January 6th, we had to separate again. There were tears, but this time we knew what we were getting into. It has now been over a week since I have been back to work in Japan. And now the new countdown begins.

As fantastic as my winter break was, the next one is going to blow it out of the water. I have purchased my SO roundtrip tickets to Japan to visit me for a week during her spring break! This will be her first time coming here (and leaving the country I believe), and we are both thrilled. She will arrive March 28th. So, instead of the July-December wait we had last time, now it is a mere January-March. Instead of starting at 141 days apart, it started at 81. Now, that number is already down to 72. That was like the halfway point in our last stretch!

The biggest news I can share about the next break, is that I am planning to ask for her hand in marriage. I have two potential scenarios I am working with. There is a beautiful theme park with a giant ferris wheel that overlooks the sea in Tokyo. I visited there before when I was a student on study abroad. I am planning on riding the giant ferris wheel with her and asking her at the very top. Here is a picture of the ferris wheel lit up at night (when I would plan to do so):

The cherry blossoms will also be blooming hopefully just as she arrives, so I am keeping that as a back-up proposal spot. I am planning on proposing probably on the 29th, as I want to enjoy the rest of the week with her to celebrate our happiness (but give her a night to sleep after that long flight haha). So, I am hoping to be engaged the month after next! That is such an amazing thought.

Ok, well that is the big update from me. Was great to come back here and see so many engagements over the winter break! And so many people are now getting super close to seeing their lovers again. I am thrilled that I only have 72 days to go now, and after that last long stretch I am certain it will fly by.

By the way, here is a photo gallery on facebook I am updating every few days. I plan on including pictures in it every few days, so my girlfriend has new pictures to look forward to for a while. I think we took over 140 in the 16 days we were together haha. There's also a few pics on my profile here

Ok, well that was my lengthy update! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2010… I have a feeling it will be a great year!
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Just... no words to express. So sad.... :(
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Thanks for sharing those links Cake. He sounded very upbeat and felt like he had a lot of positive things to look forward to.

There are so many links flying around on Google now about Rodger, incredible.
Thanks for sharing those links Cake. He sounded very upbeat and felt like he had a lot of positive things to look forward to.

There are so many links flying around on Google now about Rodger, incredible.

No problem. :) I spent some reading through other peoples' posts around the internet, hard to believe he that much impact in so many places. I guess that's what makes you famous; when you die.
Thanks for sharing that blog, really a good read.