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Tokyoallures Euro connection


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Aug 5, 2010
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Today I meet Tiffany (blonde Hungarian petite big breast and large round ass) and it was a fresh change from the usual Japanese girl. Rating: face 7; body 8.5 (loving the round solid euro arse); snatch 6 (if she could squeeze it would be higher); BJ's: 3 covered but I did it for some different and the arse was unexpected; sex: 7 good for a change but j-girls are more vocal and seem to appreciated my sexual prowess. So if you need a change check them out, call madame Waka and enjoy!
thanks BMJ for this thread!
I already wrote thread about Kaoiri and lady waka (waka is retired as escort, source: private communication). I look forward for more info about the other available ladies fro this site.