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Dec 6, 2011
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I don't know how much awared are foreigners in Japan, but most American TV series and some movies arrive to Japanese DVD stores (like Tsutaya) years after they were broadcasted or released to media there.

I don't go to Tsutaya anymore after they acussed me for replacing a DVD. I rented Fast & Furious Euro Mission and 4 days after I returned it, they said I replaced (irikaeta) their "rental" version with a home version but of F&F5 (the one from Brazil)...and had to pay for it (かいとり)...well that was optional or I would have my member card cut, I just like to have a clear mind.

Well, as I was saying above, I was wandering which are the current or last TV shows that became popular in the US and others. I enjoyed, The Shield, ROME & Lie to me which were not as popular as Heroes or Lost but still found them great.

I can suggest you to watch :
Spartacus, (if you enjoyed Rome it will be the same kind of topic)

True blood, The walking Dead, The games of Thrones
Thanks for the reply. I watched The Walking Dead it was great at the start but the battles with the Governor made the series look like a clan fight rather a survival from zombies, still a good series. I will check Spartacus and The games of Thrones. I watched the first episode of True blood, wasnt much attracted to it. What made it so interesting to you?
Breaking Bad I thought was fantastic. Not sure if you will like it or not, but I like the other shows you talk about, so maybe we have similar taste.
If you're into comedies try Arrested Development. My personal favorite show is American Dad.

I've been watching a Japanese anime called Clannad recently. Very sad ending.

I can suggest you to watch :
Spartacus, (if you enjoyed Rome it will be the same kind of topic)

True blood, The walking Dead, The games of Thrones

Just finished watching Spartacus and I think it was fine. Rome was more history telling but Spartacus targeted just his own period. I am glad that the end wasnt as predictable as most series...the bad guy dies (Praetor Claudius Glaber). Now after watching too much violence I guess I shall choose to follow a more lively TV serie, one that can remind me how beautiful life is (huge lie but...whatever)...
my personal favorites:

The blacklist
White collar
The Mentalist
Does it have to be American? If not I'd really recommend Luther (or anything with Idris Elba in it) and Sherlock both from the BBC.

I your looking for almost perfection in a television production as someone already mentioned its difficult to find better than Breaking Bad.
Breaking Bad is certainly an awesome show. I didn't like the first two seasons too much but the writer's strike fucked up the show so I gave it a chance. I felt it gets good from the second half of season 3 IMHO.

Also, I have been watching Agents of SHIELD. It has been hit and miss, but I do think the show has great potential. Buffy, another Whedon created show took a while to get its thing going and I think Agents of SHIELD will finally get its groove going in the coming weeks.

My brother and dad have been recommending me Arrow and say it's good but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I also follow Law & Order Special Victims Unit as well.