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Uguisudani Deli-paiza


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Sep 11, 2013
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so has anyone tried this one yet??

almost tried it ones but sadly "momo" was off that day. and im a very picky guy.
the site is in english and i think its a gaijin friendly or must i say a for gaijin oriented
we spoke japanese on the phone and they asked me if where was i from.
judging by exprience japanese deriheru is worsts than korean deriheru when it comes to PANE-MAJI
(panel magic/photoshop) and i really hate getting disappointed.
Girls seem to be same as from Ageha!
Momo = Mizuki from Ageha
I checked and found other pictures under her name Yurina Mizuki.
Videos you can find under
Mizuki Yurina (use the kanji form her Blog)
Ami Hojo
Sugaya Momo
Okamura Haruko