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Uh, So My 16 Year Old Friend Wants To Go To A Soapland

Isaka Minagata

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Aug 26, 2013
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I am 18, my friend is 16.
We are both Japanese, but my friend speaks terrible Japanese (We are both Americans) but I speak fluent Japanese. Ever since he heard of soaplands, he is begging me to go with him to one.

I'm not really sure. I've never been to a soapland, and my friend necessarily doesnt look over 18. He's also a virgin, so I don't feel it's right for him to lose it at a soapland.

What should I say as his friend? I might end up taking him to a soapland, I mean, I don't see anything harmful about it.
Would the people at the soapland ask for my friends ID, or question my friends age?

I honestly didn't know where else to ask, so I signed up to this forums as it seemed most appropriate.
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Apart from the blatantly illegal aspect of juveniles in soaplands ---- at 16 and 18, why don´t you guys just do some nampa?? Does your friend have a mother complex or something? Because if he gets in, the woman that would serve him would be the age of his mom, if not his grandmom. He really gets off on that?
Zaphod has a good point- unless you are ready to pay +25,000 yen, or (and you and your friend were 20 years old) you aren't likely to have a soapland experience with someone younger than your mom- no offense intended, it's just reality.

In Japan, mosaic porn is ok to buy at 18, but customers must be 20 to get their tools serviced in any manner by a pro.

And will some 20 year old guy be mentally damaged by p4p as his first encounter? Honestly? Well kinda. Hell- even a 50 year old guy can be damaged. p4p can mess with anyone's mind. The first play is because you are curious and want to. The second/third/fourth play is because you feel like you need to. It's the way it goes.

That being said, it's your friends choice to make, providing he is a legal adult, of course.