USA:Texas CISPA SB1502

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Aug 23, 2009
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There has been a lot of chatter about this Texas-specific bill that is coming up through the channels:

This has some far reaching implications for any website that services web users that reside in Texas. There is already a lot of discussion floating around about blocking users from Texas to avoid having to deal with this.

It seen to be a law that could readily be abused for frivolous issues. As a site operator, this is something I am watching closely. I would imagine that all operators are taking notice on this action.
Yes, it is something to keep on top of (oops, a pun) though there has not been much news about it these last couple of weeks...sigh. (o_O);

Be interesting to see how they expect to enforce such things out of their own borders much less into the borders of sovereign countries. It *may* have some 'potential' for far reaching consequences in America (which would still be quite the precedent; and, undoubtedly, not all states would be interested in following such an example much less, likely, spending their own money to make ISPs in their own borders to comply with it). And abroad?....They will need more than luck there.

Another reason to host in countries where privacy laws are protected strongly.
Nope, there's nothing new on this yet. It's just one step away from being signed into law.

We (people who run TAG) do have resources in other territories if the need really arises, for now, we're just watching.