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Usagi At New Hot Point


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Jan 8, 2014
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One more report on New Hot Point. Didn't have time for an escort, but had time to visit New Hot Point. I checked their schedule and Usagi was working there again that morning, along with Aoi. Of course I chose Usagi this time.
Waited in lobby area for about 10 minutes (short wait, Monday 2PM). Went inside and Usagi shows up to collect the after show fee. I first paid 3,000 yen. Strip show started about 5-10 minutes later. Usagi gave another wonderful performance. Aoi was really sexy, too. I'd say she's almost as sexy as Usagi, just about the same body type.
After the show, waited for another 10 minutes or so. Usagi shows up, and I ask her if I can choose the 4000 yen course instead. She says yes, and goes back out to get the condom. I'm glad I chose to upgrade, because I was under the wrong impression that a CBJ was included in the 3,000 yen course.
She comes back, starts with some mild body on body rubbing/hugging. Goes down for a CBJ. There for about 5 minutes. I like holding her more, so I'm playing with her breasts, grabbing her ass, playing with her pussy over her panties (no direct access). She starts moaning, and soon enough, I pop.
She cleaned me up, and I'm on my way out.
All in all, at least I think it's a better value than in the US, where the AMP's charge $40 entrance + $60/$80 for a CBJ, usually with a BS massage and many times, so-so "therapists".
Definitively better value than anything in the US!!

What I like about Tokyo is that it offers far more variety for play than almost any other place I have been to. In BKK for instances, , you have thousand of clubs or girls, but what you get is always the same.
In tokyo, escorts, sopalands, pink salons, strip theaters, agencies, MPs are all offering different services at all prices..
pl continue reporting your experiences, it not only useful but enjoyable.