Used Erolin Guide And Delivery Health….did I Get Played?


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Dec 28, 2013
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So, Used erolin guide and went with Club Miyavi or whatever.

Everything was cool and what I expected if not better, but there was on caveat that I wasn't keen on and now I am not sure if I got played or not.

So The price of the service was 15000.

Cleaned up, cuddled and then some kissing on the body and the bbbj…..but the girl couldn't speak a lick of english and after the bbbj kept asking me a question. I guess she meant sex so I showed her the condom and she wrote down 5000 yen on the paper.

so is that an additional cost with these kinds of services? I thought that was included in the price. Did I get played? or is that normal.
With Erolin Guide you should read at the bottom for what type service the provider will provide. Most if not all will not state FS. If You look to expect FS, expect pay the average additional price of ¥5000 or more with DH unless the lady will do give it for free if she desires & yes ¥20000 is good for FS depending on the length of time for services rendered.

BTW what was the lady's name?