Using love hotels without a cellphone


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Oct 23, 2012
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Hi guys, I will be in Tokyo this Thursday for 3 nights and I want to try an escort or delivery service like AM or Erotic Massage but I'm not sure how love hotels work when I don't have a phone.

Here's the situation, I'm traveling with some friends and can't use my hotel room. I can't read or speak any Japanese, never been here before (currently visiting Kyoto), and have no international service on my phone. Anyone know if this can be arranged by payphone?

Also, can anyone post street view links for places you can go to like what was done for JanJan? (pink salons, soap lands, etc). Since I can't read their websites it would be a huge help to me.

Generally not. Even if you arrange to meet in a public place and not at the love hotel, Asian Mystique requires you to have a phone number so they can get a hold of you if they can't find you or something else comes up. I'm not sure about the 'erotic massage' folks, you can ask them.

I think some love hotels have in-room phones, but honestly I've never used one to call out - I'm not sure if you can make local calls with it or just call down to the front desk.
Thanks for the quick reply Meiji.

I'm still reading through all the threads on this forum. I'm not sure what I'll do yet, I just don't want to miss out on having fun while I'm here.
I mean, you could always email AM and explain the situation. Maybe ask them if they know of any relatively inexpensive but girl friendly 'real' hotels where you can get a room for the night and meet an AM girl there for a few hours. That's one option, although probably pricey. Another would be just go to the other establishments that provide a happy ending or BJ. Those are going to be a little more 'exotic' and Japan-specific than an outcall escort anyway (with the exception of the love hotel thing).