Vibrators (esp Hitachi Magic Wand brand)


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Nov 17, 2010
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Can anyone suggest a good shop/place to purchase high quality vibrators, particularly the Hitachi "Magic Wand" brand, here in Tokyo?

I want to pick up a few as omiyage for some lady friends of mine who often have "sore muscles" that feel REALLY GREAT with a vibrator treatment. :D

Hello I am looking for the same, anyone have any suggested stores in Tokyo ?

After a fair amount of disorganized poking around, I finally located a selection of vibrators, including some quite similar in design to the Hitachi Magic Wand but not actually that item itself, at the Bic Camera store in Yurakucho! They are (or were) near the big display of "massage chairs" at the top of the up escalator on 2nd or 3rd (maybe 4th?) floor. The ones I bought turned out to be quite satisfactorily satisfying, so to speak. I'm sure they can be found in many other places too...

You could also try most Don Quixote. I happened upon a few brands while looking for costumes...though I couldn't tell you which brands they had.