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    Greetings to admin and all the contributors to this forum. Glad I found it. Going to Tokyo in the next couple of weeks and want to make sure I'm prepared. I will try and go through as many posts as possible to make sure I visit the right places as I am a foreigner and white (believe gaijin is the term).

    Will be sure to try and contribute back to the forum with a recap of my experiences.

    Having said that, if some of you feel there is one or two particular places or experiences, either escort, soapland or anything else, that you would recommend above all else, to someone who is not necessarily constrained financially (I'm no millionaire but I have an expense account that is fairly laxed), then feel free to share or suggest. Either via a post in this thread or a pm.

    In return I will provide a detailed report of the experience(s) suggested.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Upscale soapland, ideally a Yoshiwara one.


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