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Voluptuous visit for Jul 12 (lingerie day) and 21 (molester play)


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Jul 10, 2024
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My gf (19) and I (32) will be going to voluptuous for both the 12th (lingerie day) and the 21st.

She likes being watched and some soft swap. The lingerie day seems quite straight forward.

Anyone have experience with the molester play events? She’s interested/curious but doesn’t want it to be a free for all either.
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im not sure your gf will be allowed if she is under 20 though...

for the molester play event, they play molester porn on the projector. other than that I don't think its any different from a regular weekend
On the molester day they also sometimes do train roleplay. They play train sound effects on a speaker in the peeking rooms. They have handles just like train cars in there for people to stand on. If you do try it, it will be your job to manage who gets to join or not. Don't let just anyone jump in, the normal rules of the bar still apply and guys need to ask for permission and what is allowed.

I have brought girls there who wants to be groped, but nothing sexual like finger insertion or being surrounded by a bunch of dicks. When you lay out the rules to join then the controlled experience is better for everyone.

Also, generally speaking, under 20 isn't allowed because they have an open bar. If the girl is Japanese maybe call ahead to the bar and ask if it's ok.

If you do end up going and are just interested in trying some mild groping play, you don't have to go on the molester day. That kind of play happens most normal days too 😂
I think I'll be going on the 14th and 20th so I will miss seeing you there, but if you have any questions you can ask!
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Thanks for the info. What time is usually the busiest? Were used to the clubs in Europe which pretty much close at 4am but it seems everything here ends around 12 am. I’m guessing it’ll also be less busy due to the weather here.
On Fridays the busiest time is from 6-12. People go after work.
On weekends the mid day time is busiest, but night stays busy too
Ah by the time we got there (11pm) a kind elderly gentleman told us everyone was gone and to come back tomorrow. We will most likely be back on the molester day.
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I talked to the staff yesterday about the age requirements of the bar. Over 18 is ok, but they will not be allowed any alcohol(obviously). If the staff catch anyone underage drinking they will be immediately removed from the bar. I have seen a few under 20s in the bar before but I wasn't sure if they lied about their age or the official bar stance.
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