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Mar 25, 2014
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Beware of the massage ladies who approach you in Shibuya around the TOHO Cinema area. It's a total rip-off. The street chick will offer you a 30min BBBJ for 5k. Once inside the room, You will NOT get BBBJ for 5k. 5k is just the the cover fee. The chick who will perform the BBBJ will wrap your cock with SARAN-WRAP...suck it for 3 minutes. Stop. And try to up sell you! If you don't pay the RIDICULOUS amount of money she asks for...she will give you a moist towel, a bottle of lube, and walk out of the room. Don't waste your time with these Ladies.
Thanks for the report. I've added 'Warning' to the subject line for more exposure.

I personally wouldn't trust someone working on the street or a provider or org that doesn't have good reviews.
These kind of warnings dont help at all... It misses the shop name and location, description...What if there is more than 1 place in Shibuya around the TOHO cinemas. I believe these kind of incomplete comments cause paranoid instead of caution.
Hey what's up Keiji. The street chick took me to an Apartment building in the Love Hotel area. If you decide, or if anybody else decides to give any of these women a try.
Copy&Paste this in Google Maps 藤和エクシール道玄坂
If they take you here, Just be forewarned...