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Sep 24, 2009
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Can you guys set it so that we don't always get the news threads when we click on "New Posts"? I don't mind seeing the news, but there are always so many news threads each day. It takes time to find the thread I really want to read and reply to.

I'll forever love you if you do this!!! ;)

Yep, that was in the works. I'll make the change in the next day or two. When you click on "New Posts" it will exclude the news forum.
Thank you so much! :)
Quick update:

This change goes in effect later tonight.


It's not working! Did you or did you not fix this? :) ***Inquiring minds want to know****
Clear your browser cache manually or press CTRL+F5 to force a full reload of the page.

It should change after that, let me know if you still don't get the new link. This change also only applies to the default style, for now.
Ok. I feel like an idiot now. All fixed, even though I should have known better.

Thanks much!!!!!!

<3 :)