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Jun 21, 2010
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Hey you slackers reading this, post more. :p

Don't know about you guys since you're not sharing your secrets or stories or secrets, but I had fantastic weekend with a few ladies! I had a hard time with everyone this weekend, AM was slow to respond, Nasty Dolls, slow to respond, Manami was booked solid... wtf? Finally hooked up with AM as much as I hate to admit it sometimes.

...don't worry; I'm making separate reports for the actual encounters... don't get your panties in a bunch.

This was one of my better weekends, I was awake, sober and out of the bed. The summer spirit finally hit and I'm like a fucking tank. Got in some good workout time along with some chiilax time with my friends down in Yokohama. Don't know what the fuck is so good about Yokohama, yeah, it's close to Tokyo but it just feels like different world. Yokohama feels like going to Osaka but not as shitty. No offense to you yoko-people, much peace and love. I'm sure fucking happy this election-crap-fast is over, I'm so tired of the repeated trucks driving by or near my place with their political garble. Same shit goes for those freaks in front of the train stations, good riddance! Not to worry, Kan-san will quit and they will be yet another PM taking his place. Hello Japan, do you realize what you look like to the rest of worlds' political stage? I hope Japan gets some non-born-blue-blood leadership. It's time for that shit to take a nose dive off the Himalayas.

Did have the pleasure of drinking with local-yocals near my place, I love these old Japanese men and their stories. Spun so deep with a bunch of history behind the story yet so far from the actual true parts of the original event. Alcohol will do that to ya, amirite? The ladies that were frequenting that establishment were not worth mentioning, 'tis a shame. Saw some excellent specimens in major towns though, keep producing these hot ladies Japan, +1 to you. (Add some ambition in there somewhere too please!)

Back to the usual Monday grind. Hope you lurkers are genki!

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Heyo Heyo!

Posted Yumika's review and I've got two more, but damn I suck at writing.