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Sep 24, 2009
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Boys, did you get sucked in by the weekend?

Come out and play!!!!! :p
Been stuck on a business trip to Osaka since Sunday. Returning to Tokyo later today, cannot stand Osaka.

Did your weekend go well?
Hiya!!! Nice to see some form of life!!!

The weekend was good! Roppongi was crap Friday night. I made it up with my Japanese friends in Shibuya Saturday night!! I managed to spend some payday money on a few cute skirts and tops on Sunday and then back to the usual routine on Monday. :(

It would have been a much better weekend if I had found some cute shoes for my new outfits! :D Next time!


It is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, we are going to chill in Shibuya! I know you guys care so much to know that I finally got my new shoes!!! Found some perfect shoes last night in Ikebukuro!!!!

Friday Night + new shoes = A very happy girl!
Hiya Cake!

Hope you had a good weekend! Work has kept me pinned down like a slave. We really need a section on this forum for ranting about work and people we work with. I don't mind working at all, but the Japanese work ethic is disturbing.

Eliah- if you read this, make it so! (please?)

Obviously we did not do much this past weekend, except managing to get out for a dinner and some shopping. We have a three-day weekend coming up and I plan on enjoying as much of it as I can.

Cake, what kind of shoes did you wind up getting?
FINALLY! There is a sign of life! I have to admit, I'm socked with work too. :( I think it's just time of the year when everyone is just BUSY. I have been able to dodge that weekend overwork bullet! Working late hours during the week is painful enough.

I did hit up Roppongi this past weekend and had a decent time. Crowds still felt thin, a lot of the same faces at the usual spots. It's more difficult now to find decent place with a new crowd, at least in Roppongi. There's a little pub around the corner from my place, it's a slower pace but the patrons are usually very nice. Sometimes, I get unwanted attention as being the only foreigner in the place most time. A nice girl wonders in occasionally, a bonus! Will rinse and repeat again this weekend.
Hey!!!! I think everyone is busy working this week! It sure was a messy transit to work this morning, the rain was coming down hard and fast when I popped out the door for work. I wish I could have stayed home in my nice warm bed with cozy PJ's!

To answer your question (Manager) about my new shoes, here's a picture that is pretty close to what I bought:


They are not exactly as that picture shows, close enough though. They still need some breaking-in, kind of hurts to wear them right now. :( :( Should not take long to get them all settled. :D - Thanks for asking! I love to talk about my shopping!!!! I wore those shoes with a light-blue top and a black skirt on Saturday night, I thought I looked pretty good!! Saturday was a good day and the rest of the weekend was spent with the BF doing lunch and hanging out at his place. We had a good time indoors.... :p
eeek! Sorry about the big pic! :(
This weekend SUCKED. I don't understand why it went SO WRONG!?

You MEN were no help to me this weekend... WHAT GIVES? :( :(
Everything was wrong! I'm not going to go into the boring details. Things just were not going according to plan, at all. This weekend will be better, I'm going to make damn sure of that. :D

You guys need to stop being ghosts! You need to post to let me what you are all up to.

/hugs :D
Time to re-birth this thread! (Eliah! more smileys please!!!!!! with sugar on top!)

Tokyo has gotten damn cold... wtf? :confused: It was warm and then it was cold, bitter cold too! :mad: Well, for the weekend that is coming - hitting up Shibuya on Saturday night, maybe club Pure (Club Pure: Shibuya and Osaka) if things get off on the right foot. My girls-only group may head off to another place, just to avoid some of the trash that may be on the prowl as well.

Shopping: Planning on doing some shopping for winter-type clothes, SINCE IT GOT SO F'IN COLD ALL OF THE SUDDEN! :mad::mad: Maybe find some nice boots this time...

DAMN WORK. more later

Hi All...

This weekend will be a slow one. We are in full-swing during our current 'busy season' at the office. I had to work the last three weekends, finally I will be able to rest this weekend. If I was not so fatigued, I'd head out to the country side to get out of the city. Actually, it's hard to believe that November is already here.

Hm. My conversation seems to have drifted to that other thread! Look over here people!

The weekend turned out just peachy:D. Met up with the girls on Saturday night and also saw Chris for a bit before the girls determined he was not female :eek: and made him leave our 'girls-only' group. (Sorry Chris!;)) Sunday turned out alright, got my nails done for a whopping 6,000 yen :confused: and also did some grocery shopping. The BF came over and we went out for a Pasta dinner, then back to my place for some 1+1 time. :)

That's about the extent of it. Today is laundry day... HATE. :rolleyes:

Weekend Report:

I didn't do shit! All of you should feel ashamed to know me.
And you blame me Chris? :(
Happy weekend, with a rainy end, again!

Hope everyone at least had a good Saturday while it was nice!
Happy weekend, with a rainy end, again!

Hope everyone at least had a good Saturday while it was nice!

Yeah, Saturday was great until it got cloudy. I was out most all-day just enjoying the day and just being a bit lazy. Sunday, just hit up my favorite soba shop in Shinjuku and stopped at a coffee shop to work on my Japanese studies.

Stayed home and just went to sleep after it started raining. Not a bad weekend at all actually, didn't work at all!
I always blame you. :p

Way to go old man, bump an OLD comment :rolleyes:~

I'm going to go out on a limb here and just guess that you blame me because.............................I'm a girl? :confused:
Hi folks. Our Sunday evening in America is now winding down after a whirlwind holiday period. I guess most of you know what "Black Friday" is? It's complete chaos!

After visiting with Family on Thursday and Friday, I headed back into the city but stopped at a few places to checkout some sales along the way. Didn't wind up buying much, but the amount of people out shopping was just ludicrous! Traffic getting back into the city was tight as well, took an extra 45 minutes to cover a distance that normally takes 15-20 minutes on a normal day.

We get to do it all over again on Christmas, just 25 short days away.
Way to go old man, bump an OLD comment :rolleyes:~

I'm going to go out on a limb here and just guess that you blame me because.............................I'm a girl? :confused:

Um. You see, that's just it. I can blame you (for whatever reason) and not have to worry about retribution! ;)

Get your friend to hurry up and come on here so you've got some female backup. lololol
I'll show you retribution. Just you wait.

My friend is a facebook addict, if I can manage to get her to actually ditch face-crap for about 5 minutes, I'll get her on here.

Am I the only not addicted to face-crap?
Am I the only not addicted to face-crap?

No - I can't stand it. I don't even have an account, seriously. I actually prefer Mixi since it's more geared to Japanese society. People give out way too many details on Facebook and I personally to keep my life private and not plastered all over one of those social networking sites.

There's plenty of reasons that are already documented all over the net to give good reason why to never, ever sign up for sites like those. :rolleyes: