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Weird Start, but Awesome Experience at The Kings Club


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Nov 6, 2012
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After learning a bunch from many previous posts, had the soapland experience at the Kings Club today.

Started out pretty strange, but all ended well. Checked the website to see which girls were "on duty", got there late morning. Unfortunately, guy out front spoke no English, and I unfortunately speak no Japanese. He kept repeating "no girls", couldn't get past him, and couldn't get anybody to help with communication. My only thought was they didn't want to accept a gaijin, but that didn't square with the multitude of previous posts that indicate that KC is gaijin-OK.

Then finally out of the blue, he motioned me to come with him to the club next door (The Peppermint). All of a sudden, all was OK!

I wanted 130min/35,000 yen as advertised on the website. They wanted 10,000 gaigin charge, we settled on 40,000 total.

Though others may have had different experiences, mine was that you can pretty much forget about having a particular girl in mind based on what they put on the website. I even printed out the pictures of my choices, but there just didn't seem to be a connection to reality. All of that said, the weirdness was undoubtedly influenced by the complete language barrier (although I still don't know why the old "pointing" method didn't work).

After a few minutes, girl came and took me upstairs, and what followed was pure bliss. She also spoke no English, but that really was no problem. She was beautiful, friendly, happy, smiling, and was a total artist at making a man feel great.

As detailed in many previous posts, the gamut was run between all manner of pleasures. No doubt about it, if one goes to a soapland, and one doesn't buy enough time for the full naru message -- then one is a fool! I've never experienced it before, and as a grizzled veteran of the pleasures of women worldwide, I can say without hesitation that the nuru was the most awesome experience I've personally ever had.

Strongly recommend the 130-minute long course. She accelled at everything, was utterly anxious to please, and that amount of time allowed for a completely unrushed MAX GFE experience. From the moment she undressed me and folded my clothes, to the BBBJ, Nuru, the many positions of FS on the bed, to her final washing and dressing of me at the end -- pure bliss.

Bottomline: definitely an rather unsettling uphill battle out front, but in the end, an awesome experience that was worth every single yen!
Well, this an update, and unfortunately, not a happy one. It's now 48 hours after my visit to the Kings Club/Peppermint Club described in the post above -- and I got The Clap there. I don't know the girl's name, and from experience, she seems to be interchangeable at both clubs (which is possibly true of all the girls). But I wouldn't feel comfortable that any of the girls at either place is safe.

I'm posting this because I was very appreciative of all the postings from others that were a true wealth of information for me about "the scene" before I got here. So I want to repay all that with this post.

What happened to me is nobody's fault but my own. I had no intention of rolling the dice and being unprotected, and in fact I did have the discipline to wear a condom during FS. But prior to that, I stupidly allowed the lust to control my idiot brain, and did the BBBJ. So I reaped my reward. :(

Again, I truly appreciate everyone's willingness to share their wisdom on this site, so my intent here is to repay it.

When I got treated today, the doctors said that the STD rate has been skyrocketing in Tokyo since 2011. I definitely knew better than to ever travel in the P4P world unprotected, but was stupid in spite of myself.

My recommendation to all of you out there: Hard as it might be, avoid going BB if you don't want to get burned. Nuff said.

Trekker, sorry to hear about your situation, but I appreciate your honesty, as I was about to head their this weekend, but think I will take a pass.
One thing I am a little surprised about was I had heard that Soaplands had their girls checked for STD's, but maybe that was in the past. BTW what did you catch if you don't mind me asking, and what did the doctor prescribe? Take care.
A virus or bacterial strain hanging out in a lady's mouth won't necessarily show up on her STD test.
One thing I am a little surprised about was I had heard that Soaplands had their girls checked for STD's, but maybe that was in the past.

In addition, they could get tested a few times a month, and depending on time to develop infection, etc, they could either infect people between tests, or it could take months for the infection to set off an STD test (in the case of HIV). Hobbying even in 'safe' circumstances is never completely safe.
They may have burned you on purpose. It was odd that they selected a specific girl for you.

Especially with a 10,000 yen extra, gaijin charge. These were Japanese out to screw you over.
They may have burned you on purpose. It was odd that they selected a specific girl for you.

Especially with a 10,000 yen extra, gaijin charge. These were Japanese out to screw you over.

Solong- That's not the way it works here. If they wanted to 'burn' him, they would have rejected him at the door. Being an identified site of STD transmission is NOT the way Japanese soaplands try to improve their business.

It was probably completely accidental, unintentional, and ultimately is more permanently damaging to the shop than to the monger who contracted the STD.

We are always playing russian roulette here with STDs. We shouldn't assume we will catch one only from people who are bearing a grudge.
Well, it ended up that you paid 10,000 yen extra for an STD.

And if they likely gave you a certain woman, specifically for foreigners. So they didn't care if she burned you or not.
I would find it hard to believe that soaplands or any other establishments have one or two girls with STDs on the staff just so they can stick it to the gaijin customers.

As k1234k points out it is a risk that comes with the territory.
I agree with the other posters that the shop would not purposely give you an STD. I guess what surprises me a bit, is that it happened at a more upscale type of establishment. I often read about guys going to Hinomaru, or other bj joints, and not coming away with anything. But Trekker's first visit, and wham, he gets an STD. Beginners bad luck perhaps!
You have to know the streets of Japan, not just be a naive tourist.

1. Ownership of shops are different. Some like foreigners, some are indifferent, and many hate foreigners.

2. Yakuza have a hand in a lot, and many of their more directly managed shops have anti-foreigner policies.

3. Many shops and bars have a gaijin extra fee. OR, they charge foreigners sticker price, and don't allow you to negotiate down. A native Japanese (or Asian that looks and speaks Japanese) at the same spot, may be able to talk out a discount. But foreigners, it's more pay or leave.

4. Depending on the place, foreigners are not allowed to touch or be serviced by the women, while in others, some women are designated for foreigners.

Say a foreigner likes X woman, well the shop may say no (as she is for Japanese only) and you can only have Y.

Women designated for foreigners can be of questionable quality and health.

You best believe that if the shop burned a Japanese man, there would be hell to pay, money paid, and/or apologies.
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4. Some women foreigners are not allowed to touch and some women are designated for foreigners.

Nope. In all legitimate shops, which are the overwhelmingly vast majority that have Japanese providers, the women themselves decide whether or not they will accept any specific type of client.

I don't disagree that there are places, especially many lower end "play in the shop itself" places, that are basically off limits to all non-Japanese, no matter what the women may accept. But the interesting thing is this -- by "non-Japanese", I don't really mean by ethnicity, but instead the ability to function in the Japanese language and cultural norms.

I've been amazed at how many doors open up, or maybe aren't slammed shut in your face, when you act like you belong, speak fluently, and basically expect to be allowed in just like the J-guy next to you.

Just last week I called a new delivery health that I had been wanting to try for a while, and in speaking with the staff, ended up mentioning that I was born abroad and have a somewhat caucasian face. Although the guy on the phone started to mention that he didn't know if it would be okay since things are different in the P4P area in other countries, I just told him that I completely understand the differences, speak fluently, and have had no problems in the past. Suddenly everything was cool, I had a great time that evening, and now I have a membership card with points, just like anyone else.

Sure, some places may be non-accommodating, or outright dismissive of all non-Japanese, including fellow Asians. And that really isn't cool at all. But refusing service to people who are jerks, or who blatantly don't understand the rules of the game, is not.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll disagree, but whatever. I understand how a couple of bad experiences can affect a person.

You best believe that if the shop burned a Japanese man, there would be hell to pay, money paid, and/or apologies.

You, my friend, have not been reading up on the experiences of Japanese men in the P4P area! They get burned just as much as anyone else, and many make their complaints public on blogs or fuzoku review sites for all to see. And they often don't mince words.