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This forum was added on 1/20/2016 - Welcome to the Sugar Dating forum!

What is sugar dating?

Sugar Dating is the concept of where you have a sugar daddy or a sugar mamma, who takes care of sugar baby. This arrangement is usually strictly financial, providing a certain level of financial support to the sugar baby. This also may be living arrangements or other types of needs supplied by the sugar daddy or sugar mamma.

The sugar babies in turn, provide sort of service to their sponsor, which is agreed upon between both parties at the start of the arrangement.

How do I connect with people interested in this lifestyle?

You can connect with people here at TAG or use a specialized website for this purpose, such as Seeking Arrangement. There are other sites out there, please feel free to discuss those in this forum.

There will be more to follow in this section as we build this out. Thank you for your patience!
Not open for further replies.