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What about your visa status?


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Sep 11, 2009
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This is kind of a dead place, but I for one will be up for visa renewal soon?

I'm on a regular three-year work visa. I don't suppose there's anything really special about renewing this year?

I know there are a lot of changes coming, that aren't implemented yet...

Anyone been to Shinagawa or other immigration offices lately?
One more year left here, company usually handles all of this for me. I don't really have to do anything. I think we have a 3rd party company that handles it, not really sure. I just have to give them a copy of my latest ARC and sign a renewal form. Then, I just go to Shinagawa for the new stamp. (Company pays for renewal and new re-entry permit)

Trying to decide what my next five-year plan will be. Good time to start thinking about it.
I have to do everything myself, haha. Bleh...

Won't complain since I have a job and a visa, that's good enough.
It's not really any different than it was before. I have two years left, I doubt things will really change even up to that point. There are a lot of planned changes that have been approved but the implementation is going to be slow on the uptake.

Don't think I'm staying here after the two years though, it is time to go home I think. Ask me again in two years though, ha!