What are you watching on TV?


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Sep 24, 2009
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Let's be honest with each other; what are you downloading to watch? I know that most of us can't stand the typical Japanese TV nightly line up. Some of us procure either UK or American TV in various ways. ;)

For American TV, which is what I mainly watch:

- Fringe
- South Park (yes, yes!)
- Family Guy
- Law & Order (Regular & SVU)
- House MD (yes and yes again!)

I catch a few other shows sparingly, just depends on what kind of mood I'm in. NCIS is the top and most important show I *must* catch each time. It took me a few tries to really get into the show but I eventually went and obtained the back seasons starting from season 1. I watched every single episode to following character story lines.

Law & Order has just been a staple of my Television watching, it's been around a long time! I actually watch more movies that I do television, just depends on my free time.


Are you sure you're not peeking at my collection? I have most all of those same shows. Most of them are complete collections. I don't mind Japanese TV too much, it helps me improve my listening skills. Now, only if I could talk back to the TV and have it respond! Yeah, that would be a little weird.

Question: Do you like both versions of NCIS? The newer one hasn't caught on as much with me just yet.

I also watch news programs from the UK and America, just to have some insight as to what's going on beyond the Japanese borders. It's painful to get some news from outside of Japan via traditional Japanese media sources.

Finally got around to watching the latest House episode. OMG! An unexpected person shows up, only to leave with more questions than answers!

To answer your question: I like the new NCIS "OK", it's not as super good as the original is, but it's still nice to watch. It fills that addiction when the regular series episode just wasn't enough. I want to be like Ziva, to kick the ass of anyone I encounter, lol. Eh, actually, that reminds me of Xena Warriror Princess, lol!

I've been watching some documentaries lately as well, most recently one from the Discovery channel. It was basically WWII in HD, the impact was remarkable. The B&W movies didn't give nearly as much of an impact as the color HD did. You can almost feel like you're there with the HD version. I really recommend this if you are the least bit interested. (http://www.yourdiscovery.com/web/world-war-2/)

I will confess that I do watch some Japanese Anime, but usually the more adult Anime, not the kids stuff. I <3 Death Note and Detective Conan. :) That's about it though, it has to be really interesting for me in order to try and follow the stories in Japanese.
Damn... going to go change my avatar, just thought of a new one!!!!
Oh, Hey.. Burn Notice, I've been meaning to check that out.

Lost, well, it makes me lost! Haha!

How about Dexter? I think that's from Showtime? That's an interesting show as well.
I have been watching
Burn Notice
American Idol
I have been using eztv.it torrent to download them. Shows are in both HD and normal size.
I have been using eztv.it torrent to download them. Shows are in both HD and normal size.

Me too!

I'm running out of space on my main PC drive with the HD ones. I don't usually delete things, just add more disk space. :)

The TV season is winding down and we're going to have to wait until Fall for the new seasons to start up.
Ok. So, I got my hands on LOST, specifically seasons 1-6 and I've just about finished season 1.

Isn't this show going a little off the deep end? Or, I should say, they 'went' off the deep end since the show is over now...

I have the last two episodes to watch of Season 1 and then I'll post more about what I think about this. Luckily, this will keep me busy for awhile since most of my normal shows have finished up for the season.

Fringe: WTF is going on there? I won't post spoilers for those who haven't seen the more recent episodes. I'm lost as to what the next steps will be in that series, the ending certainly a lot of questions and also that feeling of emptiness because you don't know what's going to happen and have to wait for the next season.

Ok. I'll shut up now.

Who has time for TV these days? I've got my hands full with work and a number of side projects, it's crazy.

The only thing I'm waiting to see is the new Harry Potter movie in November. if I have the time, I'll catch up with American TV later in the year.
The American fall season is fast approaching, looking forward to catching up on some shows.

Need to post a schedule of the season premieres... at least of the popular ones.
There was a link I saw recently with some dates for the new season, I'll see if I can dig that up.