What are your feelings on escort services/ adult massage parlors?

Miguel Angelo

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Oct 8, 2012
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Hello guys

Do you think using one of these is wrong? I mean it is glorified prostitution , but IMO it is better than picking up some meths head off the street. I want to go to one of the Asian massage places since my girl left me. Would that be wrong?

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Miguel Angelo
I think if you are going to go to the linked place, then you are probably going to be disappointed, since all of the pictures there are models taken from other professional sites.

Since this is a board for Tokyo adult information, you might want to look at other websites such as eccie.net, theeroticreview.com, etc for information on New York. Enjoy.
In retrospect, I think he's just trying to spam that link, which I have removed.
Yup, I had the same thought, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.