What Establishment Did I Go To?

Johnny B.

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Sep 12, 2013
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I went to a bar in Shinjuku ages ago...called "Tiffany" if my memory serves me. Anyway, i was greeted at the door, asked to sit at a small table and order a drink. About 5 minutes later, a woman sat down beside me and we started to talk. By this time, I ordered another drink, and maybe 10 minutes later another woman came and started talking with me. The first one never left. after about 45 min. or so, there were 4 lovely ladies I was chatting with over whiskeys. After about 1.5 hours, I thought I wouldn't be getting any, and disappointingly asked for the bill. When "mama-san" gave me the bill, she asked me, "OK, which one do you want?" She'll go home with you. Y20k for 3 hours and 40k for all night. Was absolutely ecstatic, pointed to the woman I wanted and had an incredible night. This happened about 10 years ago or so, but if anyone can tell me what kind of bar this is, and know of any in the Tokyo area, please get back to me. I found this so much more interesting, chatting up with several prospects, getting to know their character before banging them silly. But not a day goes by when I don't think about that place...I've gotta find a hobby. Thanks all.
Were the girls Filipinas? I have heard a similar story from a friend, will check.
While I've heard this story before, I don't think there's really a name for it. (I did ask some Japanese contacts and they had never heard of it...)

These days, I think it is far more risky given that some of these bars have been drugging people. There is also the cases of the paid bar flies that keep you drinking for benefit of the bar and all you get is an empty wallet or a nice fat credit card bill next month.

There are 'date' clubs, the Japanese term escapes me at the moment, however it's just a place where girls go to meet guys and they negotiate a deal before leaving the club. I think it's called something like 'date cafe', but the 'cafe' doesn't get a benefit from the girls own deal making with the guys that go there. Stories go 50/50, some good, some bad. As far as I know, it's basically Japanese only or at least you need strong Japanese skills to accomplish anything.
Thanks for the replies. It gives me a better understanding what type of place I was at. Yes, maybe, because it was so long ago, things have changed some since then. As far as I remember the girls were Japanese at this place. But if anyone comes across such a place, please drop me a line. It was a great and memorable experience and would love to do it again. Yes, there could have been some extra charges that evening I went, for the whiskeys on the rocks, but nothing out of the ordinary for drinks on a weekend evening in Shinjuku (this was close to the Seibu-Shinjuku line station). Off topic, but a friend of mine was in Kabukicho a few months back and followed a Nigerian tout to 'his' bar and was drugged and had no memory of his evening. Thankfully, I told him to go there only with cash...no credit/bank cards, etc...so he started with 30,000 yen when the night started and arrived at his hotel room with 2,000 yen at the end. Too bad, but it seems like times are changing.