What is Massage Planet?


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Sep 11, 2012
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I don't get this site - is it just a cut and paste of TAG? All the posts have the same date from Jan 2012 and it's just full of garbage.

Can someone enlighten me??
Yes, they ripped off our content.

I've tried endlessly to get them to remove our original work, but they have banned and refused our staff contacts.

They basically took all of our content and changed the user names and in some cases, the date/time posted. It's really sad, but so far there's not much we can do. They have ripped off other sites as well, but none of us have been successful in getting that site to remove the content they copied.

All they wanted to do is to attract people from Google searches with stolen content and then when you click on their page, you see ads, which generates money for them. I don't know what their click-through rate is, but they must be making money off the stolen content.

Did you notice the Guide for Meeting Ladies? The didn't even change the header. Clearly says 'Tokyo Adult Guide'.

So sad.

(PS: this happened a few months ago, it's been like this for awhile)
Thought it looked odd. That is really lame.

Ok- no more clicking on their links for me