what lovers of candaulist couples really think?


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Jan 18, 2021
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Hello, we would be really curious to know what the lovers of candaulist couples really think. we would love to hear about their feelings.

Also if candaulist couples want to share their feelings about their partners you are welcome.

I must admit as a libertine-candaulist husband that most of the partners are friendly, educated, we could almost be friends. Yes we approach uninhibited sex, the game being a maximum of pleasure for all three. For the lover there is this married woman who offers herself to him without restraint; who even wants him. For the husband there is this strange intense pleasure of seeing his wife, taken by another man, giving herself to another man, seeing her and hearing her enjoy with another man.Participating or not.
My wife, who discovered swinging with me (we were introduced to it by an expert and older couple when younger)and then all the variations, currently tells me that she does not want to stop this type of game. She tells me that she has made love in such different ways depending on the partners that her enjoyment is increased tenfold.Never better sex life and stronger relationship between us too.