What service level does Boo Club have

michaelswissguy said:
Is FS included?
What is the diference between regular and platinum models?



For FS at Club Boo you'll need to get your wallet out a second time - it used to be an additional 10K on the basic course.

If the extra tip isn't an issue for you; bottom line you'll be bonein' a cute 20's Japanese girl.

As for the difference in "platinum" vs regular I believe it's just the figures that enter the Club Boo bank account.

There's no real difference between the regular and platinum girls. We have heard that basically, the girl chooses which rank she wants to be during the interview.

TAG77 is correct on the other points.

Club Boo has been lying low lately, they haven't updated their gallery with new pictures in a very long time. We also haven't had a reliable review on them for a very long time as well, but as far I as I know, they are still in business.