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What to ask in Japanese at massage places??


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Feb 17, 2011
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Greeting guys and gals (?? haha), great board here. Very informative and very useful to help navigate a world that is still pretty off limits to use foreigners.

I am pretty new to this world but having a lot of fun checking out a few options. I have been to Asian Relax a few time for the Y10,000 oil session and enjoyed it every time. Easy to deal with, cute girls, foreigner friendly.

My question is though, I see Thai massage places all over town and want to know, what do I ask in Japanese at the reception to find out if a hand job (or more) is available??

Any help would be appreciated - I rather save myself the embarrassment of making hand job gestures at the man at the front desk and dont want to pay for a massage if there is no happy ending!

I look forward to any help or advice.

Cheers people.
hi, I am also planning to go to asian relax for a oil session only for MIU. is MIU available there?, she's kind of looking extremely pretty to me. I can pay anything for her if she is really like the one in the pic. btw pl help me with some advice. To what extent do you have access to the girls massaged you? was tat a nude massage? what was the girl wearing? I will go this time and try to ask anything u recommend and post the review here. but before that pl advice me w/ some do's and dont's :p
I have been to Asian Feeling/Relax a few times and tried a few different girls.

The girls are always wearing their dresses, similar to what you see in the photos.

All the girls I have met have let me touch them, but its not a nude massage (usually).

It all comes down to how you treat the girl and how much she likes you (the rooms are private so anything could happen).

I now have a very good rapport with one girl and she massages me topless now with a few little extras thrown in!
thx for the update. Are they doing rub and tug with you now atleast? Does anyone speak english?
Where Asian Feeling/Relax?

Its always a happy ending if you go the 60 min oil course.

Staff speak Eng, some of the girls do to - its the easiest place to go in Tokyo.
thx ptp, I went to this place today and tried AYUMI. Cute. Worth the pay. limited access... btw, how to approach for topless? did you simply threw some extra or asked for it and are they demanding specifically once you become regular?
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