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Where and How to meet a girl in Tokyo


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Mar 8, 2011
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I am in Tokyo after ending a quiet long relationship in the states.
I will stay here a month or so, and guys! I need to meet a girl and get over the tail of depression from breaking up with my girlfriend.
Please, it has been probably discussed many time but I didn't find an answer for this specific question.

Where to meet girls if you don't speak Japanese?
and what is the the "approach method"?

I understand it is a different culture and I don't want to act in the wrong way, and be considered rude or awkward. I have a of of respect for other cultures and I would like to understand better the basics before braking the ice.
I also don't speak Japanese (I guess you figured..), so starting a conversation with the first cute girl I see is definitely not and easy step.
Tonight, just to tell you a little about my research, I went to GasPanic because like you probably know already, is an easy place and they say girls are open to gaijin and possibly bilingual or at list able to communicate in english.
I stayed there for 2-3 hours and I really didn't understand how to approach.
I am young and as they say good looking... so in US I just wait to exchange few looks with a girl that I like and I then start a conversation.
Here girls do not seem to look guys in the eyes! There were many groups of girls between 20 and 25, and they seemed to care about dancing and that's it.
I saw many other guys there standing like me or dancing alone without much interaction...

Even in the subway or walking, shopping at a department store or even seating in a book store... I never see girls looking around and checking out guys. They often look down or quiet distracted by whatever they are doing in that precise moment.

I didn't know if it was a good idea to write about this, but I have to say this is a strong perception that I have and I would like to know what other people think about this.
Am I becoming too insecure?

Am I missing something here?

Does a Japanese girl ever starts a conversation?
or at list, do they ever communicate in some ways... eyes, flirting...

Thanks for any type of help!
I need a distraction or I will spend the rest of my days with my head on the other side of the ocean, thinking about what was wrong with an ended relationship.:eek:


Wow!! Really nice site!! Hope it will be helpfull... Thanx a lot!! Doumo arigatou!