Why Relgion is a Farce


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Sep 24, 2009
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Another great example of bad religion.

You don't need some super mega-church made of glass to worship to some god of yours!

This is WHY I cannot stand organized religion, it's always about the money. As a child, I remember going to Sunday school and having to bring in my offering each week or I'd get the scolding from some old hag about how I don't believe in god if I don't contribute to the church.

Just like those morons in the middle-east, fighting for thousands of years over a book, some man wrote. Not a god, but some MAN wrote. It was a book that was just written to control women and give an excuse to harm others.

The bible is the same way... written by men, to control a society. Eventually, it would go on to make men rich by controlling a small population of a church.

I believe in something, but it doesn't require me to give money to some greedy physical structure.

Whew! I feel better. :D
Nobody wanted to bite, eh?

I did attend a church service for Christmas this year. Going against my usual feelings, I went and dropped a thought or two. I did stick to my principles about money and passed on the donation bucket. (It was literally, a bucket. Covered with a velvet, purplish cloth)
People know better than to argue with a woman. :p