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Aug 29, 2023
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a wingman, especially someone as fluent as me or better in Japanese, for fairly regular clubbing and sometimes bars/yokocho/aiseki/etc. in Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc. especially on weekends. Age-wise someone in the 25~35 age range would be greatly appreciated. I'm in my early 30s but look like i'm in my 20s still, which is still good for clubs.

I'm also open to sometimes going out on weeknights so long as I can get to sleep by like 2 or 3 if nothing pans out. I'd be open to street nanpa, too, but I've very little experience with that, so don't do it very much. Hit my DMs if you're interested, thanks!

Also if anyone has advice, etc. feel free to discuss here. My luck with apps is not very good, but i'm also into cute and fashionable girls, so that's probably the issue.
Don't know why I can't send you a DM.

30s, old school (no dating app), my Japanese is intermediate but enough to pull and socialize. Though much prefer enjoy the nightlife also and approach genuinely rather than go out strictly only for nampa or standing on a street/bar corner. If that's alright, yoroshiku !
Wow, I'm a complete fool and missed the line in the welcome DM that tells you that DMs are private (friends only) by default.

Well, I've fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know you couldn't DM!!

I usually go to events that have music or stuff that I like, since if I'm gonna spend the money to be there, it's nice to be able to just enjoy if nothing else works out, so that is fine with me. It's just that most women go to clubs and stuff in pairs so it's difficult to approach on my own.

My japanese is pretty close to fluent, but not perfect. Frequently get asked if i'm half because of it even though I look like a total western foreigner.

Anyhow if anyone tried to DM before and couldn't, you're also welcome to try again 😂
If I were free nights I would totally throw down. I totally get the problem of girl groups, having a wingman makes the situation 1000% more comfy and feasible.

Nowadays I keep my pickup skills to happening bars. XD

I wonder how places have changed since corona. I feel like Shibuya has far more traffic lately in the night scene. Granted Shinjuku still probably is the biggest spot.
Happening bars spook me because of legality issues and raids, but I know of one or two newer places that are basically happening bars except nothing happens in the store and you just agree to go to nearby love hotels instead. I've only been once though.

I'm not sure about Shinjuku -- street pickup is damn near impossible there and I personally didn't like the layouts for Warp or Zero Tokyo very much and hub was nowhere near what it was like pre corona. Maybe in izakayas or something?

Club scene has pretty much entirely moved to Shibuya, which has had interesting effects on the age ranges in some clubs. I like bar hopping better, but unfortunately I think the type of girls I like are only in music places or on the street in Shinjuku 😂
Hi all, newbie here.

Am travelling to tokyo after christmas and staying till after new year before heading to osaka.
Would love to join but too bad I do not speak Japanese.

Good luck to TS on finding ur wingman