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Worst experience: Roppongi Chinese Massage


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Nov 18, 2011
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I learn my lesson for life. Never try Chinese prostitution in Roppongi again.

Neither should you.

What happened, just this evening I and my friend hang around Roppongi and we were looking for quick shot sex as old year ending.

He ensured that Chinese call girls usually stand around street but we found no one. Losing patience we started talking to those black brothers around who were doing their bar call jobs.

The man named Andy, he promised bringing us trusted two decent Chinese women in due time. Ten minutes we waited and no one came. We lost patience patrolling around.

Half an hour later, out of our wildest expectation, came one 50yo looking Chinese women and told us to follow her to the right destination. Young women are waiting - she said. Black brother did his job.

Like we were lured into the trap, about 70m afar from Roppongi Hibiya Metro Exit, next to a small Chinese ramen shop, through small entrance she guided us up stair to her "Chinese Massage store".

We entered a normal 3DK apartments with Chinese style decorations and some Chinese acupuncture maps on wall. Their inside awaited 5 expired 40yo looking Taiwanese women. None of them speaks decent Japanese, not even English. (Even though I know more than enough Japanese and a little Chinese as well). Everything looked shady and we should have escaped.
But black brother were guarding outside.
We urged for a quick sex since it's over 11pm 終電 closed by. The so called mama sworn two younger escorts will arrive as long as we pay the cash before hand. So we were deceived.

My friend paid 1man for quick massage, me 1man5sen for a quick course. We were pushed into 20msquared room with 7 beds separated by worn out curtains. Faint lights weren't even on. No bath for preparations.

The mama said woman would arrive after 10 min, well I waited the slut for half an hour. What happening to my friend with his massage course was, those old taiwanese women didn't even take off sweater, stroking his dick crazily till things off. Annoying, the women kept chatting in chinese with outside sluts while doing duty.
My case, 30min later, promising "wakai lady" turned out 36yo something fat whore. Without much talk, she jumped into position. Worst experience ever. And she kept buzzing me in Chinese, mistaking me for one while doing sex. Could not withstand such, I decided to finish off after 10 mins something. The whore left while acting like I begged her for laid.
No bathroom. Then we ran out for last train. Those Taiwanese don't even know how to say thank in Japanese. 2man5 (around 323 USD) wasted to get raped by old fat ugly women.

Information for readers who skipped above:
Facility: For a soaring price, this even worse than Cambodia's village counter part
Women: Fat, old, sweaty, expired
Service: Worst. Annoy, insult customers, unforgivable time delay, no enthusiasm, dirty.
Conclusion: If I would give a mark, this is -100. Totally scam.
Roppongi might be a nice place for bar but not for brothel.
For those not Caucasian gaijin like me, Roppongi might not be the choice.
I mean no offensive, but beware of CHINESE service (including Taiwanese).
In Tokyo, they don't even try to do as Japanese do. Also never entrust street black brothers for a ride.

Keep your mind awake, keep updating trusted recommendations from our forum members. Never try random brothel. Tokyo is never a safe place.

To those unharmed, have a nice New Year.
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You realize this post is from 2011 and the user not being online since December 2011.....
I was googling chinese massage and this came up. I just got annoyed with the words he used not paying much attention to anything else.

I need a massage asap tho helpppppp
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Is it safe to assume that a poster is black if he refers to other black people as "brother"? Who else was reading this post in an African-American "voice"? It's interesting how sometimes you read certain texts in different "voices" based on the choice of words or patterns in grammar used.
Sounds like a bad experience. I wonder how small the guy is? Whenever I wanted to go out and do some night fun like this guy I always hang out with my buddy who body builds. I'm small, but with him I don't think anybody has ever tried to mess with us.
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Sounds like a bad experience. I wonder how small the guy is? Whenever I wanted to go out and do some night fun like this guy I always hang out with my buddy who body builds. I'm small, but with him I don't think anybody has ever tried to mess with us.
I know a lot guys who are not tall - inactive members of the US Marines and such. Bruce Lee was not tall. In numerous situations, size isn't completely relevant.

Still, it doesn't hurt to have imposing friends.
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he he he he he its interesting people think they can find prostitutes in roppongi
I'm not trying to be racist or anything, but in my experience, you should never trust any of the African guys around roppongi, kabuki-cho, or anywhere trying to sell you a girl, talk bar, or whatever. They are scammers. You will get played. Just don't talk to them, ignore them if they approach you.
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