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Yayoi of Club Boo

Jun 26, 2011
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Met her at a love hotel. She is cute, short-hair, very thin. Doesn't look like the photo on the site. So after a shower and soaping, we go right to the bed. She is GFE in kissing department. Then she licks my nipples and heads down to my Johnson. Starts licking my balls. Then puts her hands under my ass and pushes it up so she can lick my bum. All good!

She continues tossing my salad. But then she keeps pushing my legs up all the way to my shoulders. What does she have in mind. Keeps eating me out. But the problem is, I'm an older guy, in my 50s. Now this starts to hurt my back because although she is a small girl, she's driving my hips almost straight up. She ends up hurting my back. :mad::mad::mad:

So I tell her "DA May."She lets me down and starts blowing me. All good again. Good BBBJ technique. Then I ask if we can FS. She says for 10,000 yen extra with a condom, which is fine. Then she flips me over and says "Doggie Only" I'm kind of put off by this because she has a fine face, no tits, but kinda cute. Whenever a trickster wants doggie, without me asking for it, I sense that she doesn't like my appearance and doesn't really like me. So I nailed her, I mean really jackhammered. I was having a lot of fun. She started grabbing my hands, which were around her bum. I kept going, faster than a Shinkansen. Then she says "Da May". I stop and turn her over, then see that she is crying, and I felt really awful. So I made up with her through kissing and then mounted her missionary and fucked her gently but slowly until I came. All in all, I would repeat with her. We departed on good terms:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Not getting on your case, but to assume she did not like what you looked like is an unfortunate response to her giving you a strict perimeter. She may have been trying to tell you no anal or something. You never know. Based on your own assumptions and then on impulse using your dick as a weapon to teach her a lesson is even more unfortunate because of the simple fact that no one should justify causing a woman pain because you assumed she did not fancy your image. So basically I do not see this post as a positive in the least bit. Sounds like you need to use an S&M service rather than Yayoi, Club Boo, or any escort service for that matter.
why is it that the pictures don't show the real girl? What's the reason to betray the customer? He will leave negative comments and it will hurt their business.
why is it that the pictures don't show the real girl? What's the reason to betray the customer? He will leave negative comments and it will hurt their business.

For the Japanese shops, it really doesn't matter. But for those sites that cater to non-Japanese or non-Japanese speaking people, they do a lot of the bait-n-switch move. If you notice on some site, they've got pictures of real models. What successful model in their right mind would be working as an Escort? It is sort of the same when I see these pop-up adult ads.. with some white girl that's half-naked... "Hey you're in Kawasaki too? Let's hook-up!" We all no that's complete bullshit before clicking on the link. (it's GeoIP based ads... but massive fail with the picture of the girl, language and surroundings in the pic)

The J-girls move from shop to shop, except the really popular ones. The ranking system is very important as it demonstrates the popularity of the girls. OTOH, you'll never get to book the #1 girl unless you are really, really luck to catch an open booking slot. You can also have regular girls, but then they slap you with the nomination fee which averages 1,000-2,000 yen. It's really a mixed bag. Just use sound judgment. (and yes, even if you speak fluent Japanese, they'll sometimes reject you as being either non-native Japanese or of non-Asian descent.)

Holy crap my spelling is off in La-La land somewhere. :(
For the Japanese shops, it really doesn't matter.

When you say it doesn't matter for the Japanese shops, do you mean they generally don't do that (post fake pics) or that their Japanese clientele don't really care and expect the pics to be fake anyway?
So in other forums, what we have learned about the J-shops is that they use the same girl, but the picture is of a younger version of the girl. So in some cases the girl is the same, but older. They may even enhance the image a bit. In my experience it has been mixed. Sometimes it is the same girl pictured and sometimes not. But I wonder how the Japanese clients feel about the bait and switch or the girl being different or just doing the deed and not caring who with...

And yes, I will play nicer next time. lol gomen ne!