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Yet another longish darling harbour review.


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Jul 24, 2013
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Thought I should chip in and give the community back my experience from darling harbour, since without this forum there's no way i would have heard about it and the likes. I'm not a native english speaker but I'll try my best, never really talk about this kind of stuff in english so bear with me.

Before darling harbour I had never done P4P in any form, not even a happy ending in some massage parlor. Needless to say I was very clueless and extremely nervous about the whole thing. Curiosity got the best of me though and my mild asian fetish played a role as well, so i took a train to nippori station and gave the taxidriver an address i found on DH website. Taxi dude probably knew what it was about since he took me there quite swiftly, right in front of the darling harbour building. That alone made me feel like a pig because he knew!

I got out and was greeted by a dude who was hushing me in. I did ask if no japanese was okay, my japanese is elementary level at best. They said it's no problem and took me to the waiting room upstairs. Guy came in with a drink menu, i ordered a coke. Soon i got my drink and 6 pictures of 6 different girls, he recommended Natsuko and I went with it. 70mins / about 29k yen, i think. Her yoshiwara age is 24, my yoshiwara age is 21, I'm no old timer haha.. But like most asian women, she really looks much younger. I waited for about 5 more minutes and then the guy knocked on the door, natsuko was waiting outside and she took me by hand and led me upstairs. She looks exactly like the picture on the website. Very good butt, cute eyes and face, and the tits.. I can't say they were small, I don't know what kind of pornstar tits most men here expect, but they were more than big enough. She is also very short without the heels and stuff.

Once inside the room, she sat me on the bed and immediately started taking all of my clothes off while kissing me on the lips and nipples, haha. This nipple kissing and licking went on from start to finish and it was just.. weird, but i never asked for her to stop doing it, wasn't bad either. Just new to me.

As I said earlier, i was extremely nervous and she could probably tell that as well. There is something very sweet about her that I can't really explain and before too long i was feeling relatively comfortable being with her, eventhough i was a P4P virgin. Once she got me naked, she started giving me a BBBJ before any showering occured. She is extremely skilled and knows quite a few tricks like swirling her tongue around the shaft, using her hands et cetera.
Pretty much the best blowjob I've received ever, and I actually had to tell her to stop after only about 1 minute as it started to feel way too good. Probably a mixture of her being so cute, the extreme blowjob skill level and a little nervousness I still had in me.
When I told her to stop, she gave me a smile I'll never forget, looked me in the eyes then put a condom on me and finished it right there.

She wanted a drink, and I think she is on a mission to get every foreigner to try her favorite drink, calpis soda. I of course said yes to the calpis and she telephoned someone downstairs, we got our drinks and chatted for a little while. Her english is surprisingly good, and she told me a little bit about her background. We talked about traveling, and just life in general. On some level it was quite meditative to talk to her and it made me feel even more at home.

After calpis we went to the shower together, more kissing and she kept fondling my dick almost the entire time. She even briefly touched my butt with her hand and that sure made me giggle. I think because I came so fast the first time, she was determined to put me to a true test because what followed was total madness. In the shower she sat me down on the stool with my legs spread, more kissing and more BBBJ. Then she told me to go in the tub while she prepared the mattress and did some weird stuff to the oil. She soon joined me, rubbed her ass on my dick, turned around for more kissing and then she pulled my legs on the sides of the tub, so my dick was coming out of the water. Once again more BBBJ, it was nice to see her doing things to me up close, because i was kind of crouched in a weird way in this position. She was mostly focusing on just tip this time, and it was driving me crazy.

She then motioned me to go on the mattress with the oil. I laid down on my stomach, she did all sorts of weird things, at one point she was rubbing my feet on her soft, oiled tits. And it felt very good, that was completely new to me. During this entire time she also played with my privates. She made me turn around for more BBBJ and then she started grinded her pussy up and down my chest/stomach at first, then my thigh and finally my dick. The bare pussy sliding on my cock was extremely hot, it was sandwiched between my stomach and her pussy.. and with all the oil down there it was just insane. I had felt ready to come a second time for too long, but i guess she was having none of that. We showered off most of the oil and we went back in to the tub. Finally she was giving me some sort of a break and we just laid in the tub kissing, though I do remember her arms being down there on occasion. We got out of the tub and onto the bed again, where she started blowing me, then all of the sudden she flipped around and parked her pussy right above my face.

We did 69 for a while and as i was solely focused on licking and fingering her, i somehow pulled through. She felt quite tight on my fingers. After a few minutes of 69 she pounced off my face and onto my dick to ride me reverse cowgirl. I remember thinking.. Uh oh, no condom? But it turns out that she is a condom-ninja, she had put one on me during the 69. She rode me for a bit, and her pussy was indeed tight and gripped me quite nicely. I don't have the biggest penis known to man, but it's not one of the smallest either so I can honestly say she is on the tighter side of the scale. After riding me for a few minutes, she got off my dick and turned around, rubbed it up and down her pussy before sliding it back in. She rode me normal cowgirl style and soon I couldn't take it anymore. Me coming was way overdue, then I made the mistake of looking her in the eyes and then checking what was happening "downstairs". I told her I was about to come and she started riding me even faster. I guess she felt the exact moment I did, and she did a sexy move to push it in as deep as possible and kept it there. It was just a blur of heavenly, sexy goodness.

She got up, kissed me and we just laid there for a moment. Asked if I smoke, I do, so she offered me one of her cigarettes. We both lit one up and chatted some more. If I have one complaint about the whole thing, it's when she said "that was wrong". And I misheard it, and was in total confusion thinking what the hell did I do wrong and was expecting bouncers to come throw me out any second now. She was actually trying to say "long", and to this day I'm not sure if she was talking about my dick or the length of the session. Oh well! But other than that, her english is good, just her pronounciation on some specific words is very funny.

She gave me a normal massage on the bed, no sexy touching and that was quite relaxing. When she had worked her way from my legs to my shoulders, she asked if I was ready for a 3rd go. I wasn't so sure but gave her the go ahead anyway, and she started doing BBBJ again. This went on for ages, and I could tell she was giving it her all. Some really furious sucking action, but I guess my limit is 2 times per 70min.

Told her I was sorry, by now our time was almost up so we got dressed. She gave me her card, we kissed and I hugged her for the final time. She led me downstairs holding my hand again, we said our goodbyes and I went into the waiting room once more. They offered me a ride back to nippori station and another drink from the menu.

It feels kind of wrong to review her in this sort of detail, but i don't really have anything negative to say so I guess it's not so bad. I have nothing but respect for her and this line of work, it can't be easy doing what she does. Your time with her may vary, I don't know if she follows a set routine every time but you most likely won't be disappointed.

The only thing I do regret was not going back there during my time in Tokyo. And without a shadow of a doubt I would pick Natsuko again.
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