Yet Another Noob Seeking Guidance/recommendations


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Feb 7, 2014
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Hey guys, ScarletComet here. Nice to meet you all.

So, I've been in Tokyo for a few months now, and I if you'd be so kind, I need some advice.

Now, I'm an early 20s student guy, and for some time now, I've been thinking about arranging a meeting with one of the lovely Japanese escorts.

A little about myself: I'm rather shy, and don't really get out much. Never really had interest in parties or some such. I do think I do a pretty good job at conversing at a wide range of topics though, and telling various anecdotes of varying level of amusing, as long as I'm in small, close crowd.

I don't have much - that is, any - experience in sex however. I read a lot about it, talked a lot about it, but I didn't actually do it.

In terms of escorts, I'm looking for a friendly girl that knows on how to break the ice, and show a virgin a good time. And preferably, show off some things while at it. I'm perfectly fine with older girls, particularly late 20s. I'm actually AsianMystique girls, like Eri or Anna, in no small part to the reviews hanging around here; but I'm always open to recommendations.

In terms of budget, I have some bit of cash saved up, but I'd prefer to keep it beneath 47000 yen, including the LH fee.

While at it, I have some extra questions:

* Should I buy my own condoms? Or do girls at gaijin-friendly places carry ones big enough? I heard a lot of complaints from some of my friends about small condoms in Japan, so...

*How do meet-ups with escorts work? (since I live with a couple of guys, I'd rather go to a Love Hotel). I do own a working softmap cellphone, but for some reason, I can only call from it, no mail or emails (though I can receive them). Would that be a potential problem?

Anyway, if you guys think I'd need to provide some extra detail, please let me know. And thanks for all the help in advance.

- SC