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Yokosuka Hookers


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Jan 7, 2011
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wanted to start something for yokosuka area. not much info out there.

anyone tried this place, read in another forum that it may be gaijin friendly? also does it look like it includes full sex? there are a couple of giant tit women on there i wanna try.

here is another. some of the same girls and an english page. YOKOSUKA YOKOHAMA KANAGAWA CALLGIRL GIRL'S LIST

any others out there?
there is always the goddess hotel on the honch. its the hotel with the statue of liberty on top. also any of the local yokosuka city hotels are ok. new yokosuka, harbor, etc
Doesn't look like they offer GFE; just Sumata, 69 (you're covered, I'm guessing). I'm looking for GFE in Yokosuka or Yokohama.
I've had awesome experiences with first class delivery girl in Yokosuka.