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Pururungang Yuki From Pururungang


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Jul 30, 2012
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Date: May 4, 21444


Contact Info:

Type/Location: Hotel health,
Here is a link to their office. You go in, show you cards of available girls who are foreigner friendly and they will find a hotel for you.

Language Specifics: It is best you have Japanese skills. I have heard of people turned away because they cannot speak Japanese, but I think some time back, they had a black girl working for them who did speak English but I never had an opportunity too meet her.

Session Length/Fee: 31,000 yen for 2 hours; 5000 yen to cum on her face (if there is a circle below 顔面発射, it means you can cum on her face but for a fee); 1000 yen for a one piece bathing suit, and 3000 yen for the hotel.

Special note for 1st time customers: If you said you saw the home page, or if you have a phone that shows proof you know about the waiver, they will waive the 2,000 membership registration fee. Also, once you get your members card, there will be turns to alternate whether or not you have to pay the 2,000 yen nomination fee. Thankfully, this time, my card allowed me to have that waivered.

Physical Description:
She is pretty short and small, but excellently proportioned with a great pear of tits, nice legs, a great ass, and a very, very, very cute face and a nice smile. She is much cuter inn person. Though her profile says she is 23, she is really 28 but looks around 19-20. I thought she could have been a college girl. And did I mention the small hands she has that will make your cock look big? She also has smooth skin and smells real nice. When you look at her, you just want to treat her right..

Details: So, why did I pick 2 hours? After this golden week, my life is going to be very busy and have a lot of personal issues to take care of that will keep me out of the game for a certain period of time so I wanted to make this count for many reasons. Plus, her faced uncensored at the store was really cute and she looked 10x cuter in person. And I wanted to give myself this stupid ass fantasy I had since I was a child and been meaning to do with one of the girls at pururungang.

So yeah, I show up at my designated hotel room and called the front desk my room number. Within 10-15 minutes, Yuki came in. She look at me with a bright smile and she introduced herself. I took her hand and kissed it saying she was much prettier than I imagined. And she felt initially shy with how I was coming on to her. Unfortunately, me acting like a young Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air flies over Japanese girls from time to time, so I tried inspiring my act from Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man with how he treats his girlfriend in that movie.

She then got the impression I was a really nice guy and liked the way I held my hand. Normally most girls just want to shower right away, but she guided me to the couch while holding hands and we sat down and she leaned on my shoulder. While holding my arm. I leaned my head on hers and we started slightly kissinng and littlle by little we got more intense. I had her sit on my lap and she said she could feel my erected cock poking her. She took off my shirt while we were still kissing and we were taking off each other's clothes and fondling each other and found ourselves naked. We then went to the shower. With her on top of me still, I stood up while carrying her to the shower and we had a great time in there.

Then things calmed down and after the shower, she put on the swimsuit. So why did I pick a one piece swimsuit as opposed to a skimpy bikini? Well, I had this stupid ass baywatch fantasy ever since I hit puberty and feltt a need to fulfill it. I asked the front desk if they had any other colors but they said the blue one was all they had and I figured I will work something out. I showed Yuki a clip from baywatch on my phone with the girls performing CPR on the guy and while in the shower while still wet, I wanted to do that. Yeah, a lot of you are reading this thinking I am some dumb ass, but hey, I still consider myself young at heart but in the context of the 1990s. I also had to explain to the girl what the show was and how it was popular in America and before we had internet porn and all that, this was what got teenage boys in the mood. So we got ourselves really wet. And I laid on the shower floor pretending I was unconscious. She acted her part as a lifeguard and had her freaking out and all that and she started the whole CPR thing. I told her before hand to do the breathe ins and chest compressions 5 times and then acted all composed like a real life pro lifeguard. Then i wake up and would tell her I feel thanked being saved by a pretty girl like her and would hug and kiss her.

Then we would dry each other and for a little while longer, I let her keep the bathing suit on. We started kissing outside the shower door and we just fondled each other. Then I lifted her in the air and walked across the room while carrying her and for a while still kissing her while lifting her above me. She says she's heavy, but to me, she was light as a feather and I felt like I held her in the air for maybe a little over 5 minutes.

Then I put her down on her feet and put her against the wall and did another Pamela Anderson inspired fantasy. Look up Pamela Anderson Raw Justice on any porn provider and you will get an idea of what I am talking about. First, I exposed her breasts and started sucking on them. Then I turned her around and had her face the wall and pulled down the rest of her bathing suit and stripped her fully naked and started sucking on her ass and she was SCREAMING like crazy to the point we got a call she was too loud and she was freaking out the other people in the hotel.

I then started rubbing my cock around her and she told me how big I was. In my own romantic way, I tried to suggest FS since my hormones fully took over me. She says she wants to but it was policy not to. But it is all good. After some rub and tug from behind as I fondeled her titties, I carried her to the bed and started licking her warm tasting pussy. I will admit, it is not my speciality but she still screamed a bit.

Then I guided her mouth to my cock. I couldnt believe how her hands made my cock look. Her mouth and lips are small and the helmet while contacting her lips made it look like a space rocket. I wouldnt say she is a biter, but her mouth is small so expect some unintentional teeth contact. It didnt hurt that much, but she will feel sorry because her mouth is small and that my cock was too big for her to take but I told her that I like girls with small mouths too. Thankfully there were no teeth marks. I heard about a girl at Hinomaru who bites, and is unapolegetic about it but no one mentioned if she had a small mouth or not like Yuki. She then started licking outside her mouth and her tongue is super small too. And the way she looks at me and smiles just made me feel special. While approaching climax, I decided to stand up so I have good aim to cum on her face. And I positioned us to some great lighting.

Then came the moment where I took my cock out of her mouth and just went all over face. I felt it lasted for like 5 minutes and you could have sworn what happened was like a 50 man bukkake or something. I couldnt believe I did that to such a pretty face with a great smile. It took the whole tissue box to clean her face up.

After a 5 minute break, we went at it again. She gave me a much better blow job than before. Gave me a great titty fuck. And we did some sumata. Once again, I could finish on her face. Because I cum as much as Peter North, it takes time for me to re-load so I lasted a lot longer this time. I then switched positions with me on top of her rubbing my cock above her pussy. Then as i approached, i brought my cock to her face and once again came all over it and rubbed my cock all over her face down her neck to her tits and to the top of her pussy. out of tissues, she used a spare face towel to dry herself.

With the last 25 minutes, we found ourselves just playing in the shower just making out and washing each other. It was really fun. I found myself out of the shower first and got myself dressed and then I helped dress her and kissed her while doing it. I also helped her put her shoes on. Then time was up, and we held hands all the way out to the front of the hotel where we hugged each other, I kissed her hand and said our goodbyes.

If you look cute girls with sexy and soft bodies, then fuck yeah!!! But be sure to have Japanese skills for this place.
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Wow, thank you for the fantastic description. From the time it took you to write this long post, I can sense the satisfaction you had with her.
Also had her end of july., my first time with a provider. she is a very nice girl but her face is really obachan like
27 years old super friendly and i enjoyed talking to her which is mostly only what we did as i was super horny and came very fast...didnt ask for fs as it was my first time but she seems to really like me and i think that she would have been ok.
my japanese level made hear really at ease, She even gave me her real name and her workplace...
i recommand her as well, nice gfe
ive been meaning to have her again, but my schedule conflicts with hers. she told me her workplace but didnt tell me her real name but she tells me her work sends her to osaka a lot.

maybe because of my age, yuki feels young to me.
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