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Yup I Did It.....dana From Hipness (af)

Hairy Guy

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Jun 12, 2013
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So I made my way out to Uguisudani station with no real plan in mind other than to call Hipness or try Betty Blue when I arrived. I had all day so I was not in any hurry. When I arrived I had some MC'Ds and headed to Asian P Door. I opted for the all day room that I could keep until 5pm (4800yen) I arrived about 11am and checked in to a room. I called Hipness hoping to get one of the Thai or Pinay girls but only Dana was available. I though about it for a minute and said, f* it. Ill take her. I have already seen her online profile and she seemed like a freak so I gave it a try. She was not available until 12:00 when she started so at 12:10 she showed up. and I was kind of suprised. She was quite short and her tits were huge!. face was meh, kinda older looking but friendly, nice eyes. She does speak some english and seemed happy to see me. She said she does not get many americans because they like the asian girls better. I wanted to tell her so do I but I refrained. Anyways, Money, contract, clothes off. Her body was not nearly as bad as I though it would be. She is thick but also very tan and no cellulite to my suprise. She has a little belly but it was not flabby or wrinkly. Her tits are amazing though!! Big, natural, and were not saggy, quite firm. Im pretty sure they were real. Things were looking up. Shower time. Quick shower, just chatting on how I am manly and not like the japanese guys who "look like school children" her words, not mine. Out of the shower on to the bed. She stated with a ok bbbj, nipple sucking ect. Light kissing ect. Then she said this in her brazillian accent. "How bout I fuck you and you fuck me" That was one of the greatest lines I have ever heard!!. I obliged and grabbed a condom. She rode me for quite a while with her big ballons hitting me in the face. Then I flipped her and went DS. She has a nice butt to smack. I grabbed her hair to and pulled it a bit, she liked that. Switched positions a few more times until I told her Im gonna put it in her ass!. She grabbed the lube, got in DS and I slowly entered her. WOW tight!! I stated slow and she was moaning and talking dirty. I stated to speed up and I could hear her pitch change from pleasure to a bit of pain. I asked if she was ok and she said yes, it hurts good. I resumed. I started speeding up again and about 1-2 minutes before I was gonna pop I grabbed her hair and started pounding hard. She was screaming loud, in a good way. Popped inside and slowly exited the highway. We had about 10 minutes left so we just lay their sweaty and exhausted. She complimented me on my performance and rubbed my chest.. After a few minutes we showered and she left. I stayed and took a better shower

Face looks 6/10
Body 7/10 if you like thicker women
BBBJ 6/10
Kiss 5/10
Attitude 8/10
FS 7/10
AF 9/10

Overall. Not bad, AF was a plus. Would I repeat? If there was nobody great available, sure! I was not dissapointed at all. Good experience.