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    Date/Time: Late June 2014, mid afernoon
    Provider: Yuzuki
    Contact Info: http://www.galsnetwork.net/kyoto/gals.php?type=sche
    Type/Location: Delivery health at a love hotel in downtown Kyoto
    Language Specifics: 100% Japanese
    Session Length/Fee: 60 mins for 17,000 yen
    Physical Description: 23 and fairly cute but not all dolled up gal style. Slim but not super well toned, nice B cups (American size), good ass, nice skin.

    Details: I know several good health shops in Osaka, but no where in Kyoto. Besides a couple pink salons, Kyoto's main red light district is very much unfriendly to gaijin. This is possibly because it gets a lot of tourist foot traffic, and the likely misunderstandings many tourists would have are not worth the shops' trouble.

    Anyway, someone posted a link to this place in another thread, so I decided to call them up. I was upfront and said I am a white gaijin but had used delivery health before and know the rules. (Some people don't mention it, but I personally really don't want a girl to show up who dislikes foreigners and then either be refused service after wasting time or have her be grumpy the whole time). The tencho said he will look for a girl and call me back. He calls me back tells me he has a girl and describes her pretty accurately, and I say that's fine.

    Yuzuki was very enthusiastic and her service was very good. The DFK, DATY reactions, BBBJ, and sumata were all great. We also had a nice friendly chat afterward. I did notice some cigarettes on her breath, but that doesn't really bother me personally.

    The weird thing is that after the session I noticed she is not listed on the website. So I wonder if none of this shop's girls were gaijin friendly (granted, mid afternoon I think only 3 were on duty) and he called up a sister shop or what.

    Also, although no problem for me, the tencho spoke quick, gruff Japanese, so you may have troubles if you're not highly confident in your spoken Japanese.

    Recommendation: The girl, yes. The shop, maybe only because of limited options in Kyoto.

    I will call this place again sometime, preferably later in the day when more girls are on duty, and see if I get more options (and with girls actually listed on the site). If not, I would prefer to just wait until I have enough free time to head down to Muki Tamago in Umeda, Osaka (very similar deal to Happy Berry in Kabukicho where language skills are required but all the girls are young and hot and most are gaijin friendly).

    If anyone knows of any (delivery) health places in Kyoto that are gaijin-friendly, I would really like to hear about them. If you're worried about someone fucking it up if you share publicly, I would be happy to receive a PM. As a married guy with young child, when I do get free time I like to go with a sure thing (e.g. Muki Tamago), so unfortunately I don't think I'll be personally doing the groundwork on any new Kyoto places for awhile.
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    Thanks for the review. More Kansai intel is always helpful!
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