Advertisement Guidelines for Independent Escorts

This page contains information about advertisements at TAG for independent escorts based in Japan or visiting for a short time.

Please see the content below regarding ads on TAG:


If you are based in the Tokyo metro area or visiting Tokyo temporarily, we offer a couple of options for paid advertisements. Due to previous abuses, we no longer accept free advertisements as of October 1, 2017. Please see the baseline information below:


(PLEASE NOTE: These plans are for independent, single providers only. Agencies or groups of provider fall under a different pricing tier for full banner ads.)


A) Normal Classified - 20,000 Yen/Month (or ~800 Yen/Day, up to 14** days)

B) Premium Classified* - 30,000 Yen/Month (or ~1200 Yen/Day, up to 14** days)


*Plan B includes a rotating promotion entry at the top of each page. It's
rotated with other escorts who have paid for the same option.

**Beyond 14 days requires paying for a full, normal month.


Payment options:
Payment terms are either in-person cash payment or Bitcoin (BTC is not available for new members).

(Bitcoin address provided if you chose this route.)


New members require In-person payments which also gets a 'verified' status on your account here at TAG.


If you decide to advertise with us, please let us know the following:


A) Which Plan: A or B

B) Which Payment Method: Cash (in-person) or BTC (Bitcoin) [Cash only for new members]

C) Duration of Advertisement: 1-14 Days or full month.


[NOTE: For pre-tour advertising, please indicate your interest so that we can possibly find a way to assist you before you arrive in Japan.]

Thank you for your interest in advertising on TAG.


General Rules for TAG:


- You are permitted to run your advertisement as agreed.

- You are NOT permitted to directly contact members of the site for your service. They may contact you, but you cannot contact them. 

- Any attempt to circumvent the contact or ad posting rules will result in your ad being cancelled, access rejected & no refunds.

- Ads may be paused from time to time so long as the pause period is 7 days OR greater. Ads may not be paused for less than 7 days. 

- You may edit your advertisement at any time. If you have technical problems, please contact our support desk and we will assist you. (The same way you started contacting us.)

- Personal, Private, Identifying Information Management is a serious matter. You are not permitted to reveal any personal details on this site (aside from your public contact methods, pictures and whatever you choose to release) Real names, residence countries, addresses, private phone numbers & government ID materials such as Passport, Drivers's Licenses, Foreigner ID and MyNumber information should NEVER be shared on this site, ever.)

May 2, 2018
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