Advertisement Guidelines for Independent Escorts

This page contains information about advertisements at TAG for independent escorts based in Japan or visiting for a short time.

Please see the content below regarding ads on TAG:


If you are based in the Tokyo metro area or visiting Tokyo temporarily, we offer a couple of options for paid advertisements. Due to previous abuses, we no longer accept free advertisements as of October 1, 2017. Please see the baseline information below:


(PLEASE NOTE: These plans are for independent, single providers only. Agencies or groups of provider fall under a different pricing tier for full banner ads.)


A) Normal Classified - 20,000 Yen/Month (or ~800 Yen/Day, up to 14** days)

B) Premium Classified* - 30,000 Yen/Month (or ~1200 Yen/Day, up to 14** days)


*Plan B includes a rotating promotion entry at the top of each page. It's
rotated with other escorts who have paid for the same option.

**Beyond 14 days requires paying for a full, normal month.


Payment options:
Payment terms are either in-person cash payment or Bitcoin (BTC is not available for new members).

(Bitcoin address provided if you chose this route.)


New members require In-person payments which also gets a 'verified' status on your account here at TAG.


If you decide to advertise with us, please let us know the following:


A) Which Plan: A or B

B) Which Payment Method: Cash (in-person) or BTC (Bitcoin) [Cash only for new members]

C) Duration of Advertisement: 1-14 Days or full month.


Thank you for your interest in advertising on TAG.

May 2, 2018
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