Advertisement Guidelines for Independent Providers

This page contains information about advertisements at TAG for independent escorts based in Japan or visiting for a short time.
Advertising Guidelines for advertising on Tokyo Adult Guide as of March 2024. (Revision 3.11 / March 25, 2024)

If you are based in the Tokyo or Osaka metro area or visiting Japan temporarily*, we offer a couple of options for paid advertisements. Due to previous abuses, we no longer accept free advertisements as of October 1, 2017. Please see the baseline information below:

(PLEASE NOTE: These plans are for independent, single providers only. Agencies or groups of provider fall under a different pricing tier for full banner ads.)

New Joiners (Non-Verified):
In order to be eligible for advertising on TAG, we require a verification meeting to assure that the person controlling the account/advertisement is the actual person providing the service. We do NOT accept providers that are managed by a 3rd party or any sort of agency. Moreover, the verification process is used as an orientation to TAG and the confidential information you are granted access to (i.e. Escort Resource Center). If you have any doubts about this process, please feel free to reach out to any of our verified providers (documented with a blue checkmark) to gain comfort over the process. Our long-standing clients such as Manami, Alice, Simona, Marie, and Cassandra would be happy to verify how our business works and their personal comfort level.

The meeting arrangement shall be done in an open public space, usually a café or similar location that is agreeable for both parties. This is a private discussion and no 3rd parties are allowed to be present. Additionally, the usage of recording devices are strictly prohibited. You may bring your phone, but please avoid making recordings and/or taking photographs of the meeting or area around the meeting.

If the verification process is not agreeable to those interested, then the process ends here. We are sorry for the trouble in this case. Tokyo Adult Guide does not engage in or support human trafficking or forced sex work. This verification process is part of our agreement to NOT support these illegal (underage, trafficking, abusive) and immoral activities.

(*Visiting escorts to Japan become eligible to submit pre-tour advertisements once they have been verified during a visit to the Tokyo area. We do not provide any on-site service in Osaka or any part of Japan other than Tokyo metro area....)

Advertising Plans as of March 2024:

Plan A: Basic Advertising
  • Simple ad listing in the Independent Escorts section of TAG.
  • Cost: 20,000 Yen/Month (BDSM/Others: 10,000 Yen/Month)
  • Daily (for less than 16 days maximum) 600 Yen/Day
The additional premium plans are currently undergoing a technology overhaul and will be released again in 2024. (Plans B, C, D are currently suspended during this work)

Ad Operations:
Ads are started and stopped by management upon request of each client. For pausing advertisements, the minimum pause time is 7 calendar days (or more). Under certain conditions this requirement may be waived, please inquire with us to determine if the situation is eligible for a shorter pause duration. The reason for the standard pause is to reduce administrative overhead for our staff.

How We Determine Ad Rates:
Ad rates are determined by taking a certain percentage of average income for providers that work with TAG. The min/max income for most clients range from 700,000 yen to as much as 3,000,000 yen per month depending on working frequency and rate packages. The average income rate hovers around 1.2 to 1.7m/yen/month. Therefore, we price the advertisements at a very reasonable rate for everyone. Daily rates are posted for those visiting escorts that are staying in Japan for less than 16 days. For those staying for 16+ days, we ask for the full month and any credit not used may be forwarded for your next visit.

At this time, payments are done in cash only (yen or usd only) via in-person payments. We hope to have electronic forms available in the near future, but banking laws are difficult to work around for adult websites. Prepayments are available for up to 3 months at a time and in special cases, possibly up to 6 months. (We do NOT accept virtual currency.) You may pay for ads with Japanese Yen or United States Dollars.

Our reputation at TAG is built on a professional working relationship with both our providers and the clients that utilize the information on our site. Therefore, we ask our providers to retain any confidential information that we share with you and avoid sharing inside information with clients even if they ask. This page and any communication shared with current providers or interested parties is considered confidential and we ask that you not copy, share or otherwise disseminate this information on your own without prior approval by management. A firewall is strictly established for our privacy, your privacy and the overall health of the site. All of this is designed in order to maintain the reputation and trust of both TAG, the providers and the clients who use TAG to do their research in picking who they want to meet.
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