A Guide to Tokyo Mongering Spots

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Jun 23, 2011
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As we have a never-ending stream of new arrivals, a guide to the various red light districts of Tokyo. Yes, I know [random station] has a shop or two. These aren’t relevant, people can explore their own locals. If you've got an update or extra information to add, please DM me.


YAMANOTE LINE (Clockwise from Shinjuku)
DistrictMain Station(s)DescriptionVenue TypesTAG's Favourite DestinationCautions
Japan's largest redlight district, packed with love hotels.Pretty much everything from peep shows to soaplands. If you're looking for it, Kabukicho probably has it.Asian Feeling (Thai Massage)Aggressive touts who WILL rip you off. Worst are the Nigerians, but none are trustworthy.

Streetwalkers around Okubo Park - do not engage, many are underaged runaways, and all are under police surveillance.
Smaller and cheaper redlight district bordering Kabukicho.Delivery health, Asian esthe, Thai MassageJasmine Thai Spa (Thai Massage)Beware of bait and switch from delivery places – Shin Okubo is cheap for a reason.
IkebukuroIkebukuroJapan's second largest redlight district, packed with love hotels.Almost everything you can find in Kabukisho except peepshows. Concentrated mainly around north exit, with secondary zone north of East exit.Marine Blue (soapland)Aggressive touts who WILL rip you off. Worst are an organised gang of young Japanese touts, but none are trustworthy.

Streetwalkers around North Exit hotel area - do not engage, most are underaged runaways, and all are under police surveillance.
OtsukaOtsukaUltrabudget red light districtPrimarily cheap pink salons, foreigner friendliness varies. Cheap delivery/hotel health. Also some cross dresser friendly venues.Taggers prefer not to go to Otsuka, opting for Sugamo to the north or Ikebukuro to the south.Known for older/less attractive providers.

Also known for STDs and one guy reported a fungal infection after oral service there.
SugamoSugamoBudget red light districtPrimarily cheap pink salons, foreigner friendliness varies. Cheap delivery/hotel health. One soapland.Jan Jan (pink salon)Commonly referred to as Harajuku for senior citizens, and as such providers are generally of a more advanced age range.
DistrictMain Station(s)DescriptionVenue Types TAG's Favourite DestinationCautions
Love hotel areasDelivery health (Japanese and non) and Korean Delivery (kandeli)Hipness (yes, they're back in business)Bareback service abounds, and so many providers will assume you want bareback and slip it in. At least one TAG member contracted Hep C here.
Small redlight district spanning the two station areaHealth, Delivery, Thai/Chinese/Korean massage/esteThai DiamondTouts. Less aggressive than Kabukicho or Ikebukuro, still not trustworthy.
Not really a redlight district. Including because weebs will automatically look for it.Cuddle cafes and a few massage and delivery places. Many that bill themselves as "Akihabara" are actually located in Kanda or dispatching from Ueno.Akihabara Cosplay GakuenShops here are aimed at nerds who are too shy to venture to the main RLDs, and charge a premium for it.

Service in cuddle cafes is unregulated, condoms are not available, and STD rates are high.
KandaKandaSmall RLD aimed at salarymen.Health, Thai massage, Chinese Este.Sexy CatLimited selection, but generally
ShimbashiShimbashiSmall RLD aimed at salarymen. RIP Supergirls.Health, Thai Massage, Chinese EsteAroma Coco 8Some touts in the area, be especially careful of bars here.
DistrictMain Station(s)DescriptionVenue Types TAG's Favourite DestinationCautions
GotandaGotandaSmall RLD active mainly later at nightDelivery health, Chinese underground brothels, Korean estheChinese underground brothelsOne of the only areas in which following a tout is actually the way to getting proper service.

Do not ask for FS in a Korean esthe. It is not on offer.
MeguroMeguroSomewhat under-the-radar RLDHealth, Chinese estheAlice MarionBeing a sleepy RLD it's generally free of touts and ripoffs.
EbisuEbisuSmall RLD near the stationHealthNew YorkNothing in particular
ShibuyaShibuyaTokyo's third largest RLD, and has a larger focus on "young" images - schoolgirl themes abound. Huge number of love hotels on Dogenzaka means huige number of delivery services. The "pool" hotel that everyone's seen in JAV is located on Dogenzaka.Health, delivery health, pink salons (largely off limits), SM shops.Shibuya SeafariTouts, mainly Chinese "massaji" ladies. As always, do not follow. Famous for mid-service upsells and saran wrap "condom" blowjobs.

DistrictMain Station(s)DescriptionVenue Types TAG's Favourite DestinationCautions
RoppongiRoppongiWhatever existed in Roppongi is long lost to history, and whatever you heard or read about is no longer accurate. If you want adult services, GO ELSEWHERE.Some overpriced delivery health, ripoff massage, some American style strip clubs, freelancers working some of the bars. There used to be a few OK fashion health - these are no longer in business.Ridiculing people who ask where the Roppongi pink salons are.Do not follow any tout in this area, you WILL be scammed. At best you will overpay for a shitty massage, at worst you will be drugged and robbed.

Be exceptionally wary of the Motown bar - aggressive freelancers, most of whom are transgender and many of whom are not honest about it. Drink spiking abounds.

Roppongi strip bars are notorious for padding tabs or dancers spiking drinks and running up bills or taking customers to secondary location "pay me" bars to run up bills.

If you find yourself taken to the Tokyo Sports Cafe you are being scammed. They have commission arrangements with many girls.

Numerous reports of drink spiking even in "safe" bars - never leave your drink unattended or out of sight.
Iidabashi/SuidobashiIidabashi, SuidobashiSmall under the radar RLDMostly Chinese estheSuidobashi Venus Esute Relaxation MassageMostly harmless.

DistrictMain Station(s)DescriptionVenue TypesTAG's Favourite DestinationCautions
Soapland district.
Also the historical courtesan district, and perhaps the world's oldest continually operating RLD. You can see on Google Maps the "remains of Yoshiwara Ohmon", which used to be the gate into the area, now only a couple of pillars.
SoaplandY-shirts. Specifically Kaoru.Do not follow any tout or guide who is not standing in front of one of their own shop. You will just pay more (sometimes double!) for service that you could have gotten on your own.
Nakano/KoenjiNakano, KoenjiSmall RLDs targeting commutersHealth, delivery, pink salon (not foreigner friendly), Chinese esthe.Most Taggers just head into Shinjuku or Shin-okubo.Most shops here are NOT foreigner friendly
KinshichoKinshichoSurprisingly vibrant small RLD. RIP Thai MIld.Mostly deliveryLooking for a replacement for Thai MildMostly harmless.
KamataKamataBlue collar RLDDelivery health, Pink salons, Thai massage, Chinese esthe.Staying on the train and going south to Kawasaki soaplands or north to Gotanda.Attractive female touts on street leading to bait and switch and/or upsell for services that never arrive.

Pink salons in the area no longer foreign friendly thanks to the efforts of a few idiots.

Bait and switch from delivery here is the norm, not the exception.

Thanks to @MikeH for Kamata info

Update: 20230730 Fleshed out and formatted, main article now in somewhat good shape.
Update: 20230731 Forgot that Yoshiwara was outside the Yamanote. Added a map. Added links to general locations.


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