News 1/22/12 - Registration Changes


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Sep 24, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

As a part of my tasks here at TAG, I keep a close eye on member accounts and registrations. Once a month, I clean up accounts that have registered but have not confirmed their accounts within the specified 30 days as mentioned on the registration page. We have seen a repeated pattern of problems in confirmations due to the confirmation emails not being received. Chris and I have been watching the flow of emails and have determined a few things:

1) There are a number of users that have attempted to register using the domain "" - this mail provider has proved to be difficult in making arrangements to allow our mail to pass through their system. Therefore, we have banned the use of any email account that is tied to "" since all of our emails sent to addresses hosted there are getting rejected. We apologize to those users that may find this to be inconvenient. If you need assistance in changing your registered email address here at TAG, please let either Chris (TAG Manager) or myself know and we will be happy to assist you.

2) Recently, we have been seeing emails being rejected by the Yahoo! mail service. This is disappointing since we have met their requirements to avoid having our mails rejected. We are not taking an action similar to item #1 above because it seems to be very inconsistent. Most of the Yahoo address we send mail to, work fine. There are a few, maybe 15%, that are rejected. We will monitor this situation with Yahoo! email accounts and take an appropriate action at a later date.

Lastly, we ask that if you are receiving unwanted email from the TAG site, please let us know the kind of email you are receiving and we will work with you to prevent emails from being sent. Please do not mark our mail as SPAM before asking for assistance to stop the emails. In most cases, email we sent (usually automated) can be controlled through your user control panel. Most commonly, it could either be Private Message email notification or Thread Subscription notifications. To date, TAG Administration has not sent out any newsletters or other mass-broadcast emails since the site began. We are however planning a mass email broadcast when this site will be updated to a new version, which is forthcoming at some point in the not so distant future.

For today, I have completed the user account clean-up process. All users had zero (0) posts and had not been active since the day of registration.

Now that all of that messy business stuff is out of the way, Happy New Year! I am back in Japan after an extended holiday abroad. It's good to be back in Tokyo, despite the cold & rain this weekend!