1/3/10 - Monthly Update

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Aug 23, 2009
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Welcome to the new year, 2010! We hope that this year will be a successful and happy year for everyone!

For the Tokyo Adult Guide we are planning a few things for the new year including some PR exposure to let people know we exist. I have been very pleased with the planning & technical aspects of getting our forum setup. Everything has been stable and I think the site is ready to take on a higher load.

There will be a number of things occurring during the month of January. We will be starting with a new software roll out that will bring some noticeable visual changes to the site. A lot of it will be cosmetic while leaving the actual function of the site the same.

We are working on some graphics packages and some additional articles to post to help draw some regular members. In-turn, I hope that our new members can share information and help build our content here.

For the staff members that began with us, I greatly appreciate your time invested in helping create this site. Along with this appreciation, the starting staff members will receive 'Founders' tags on their user profile to recognize that they are a member of the founders group. So, in a few years when (we hope) to be a successful site, we can look back on this core group and recognize them for their time and effort.

The founders group is the first in a series of groups that will become a part of this site. Additional groups that people can join or earn the right to join will be revealed during this year.

If you are a first time visitor to our site, please be sure to register and join us for talking just about anything. We look forward to others sharing their experiences around Tokyo or anywhere in Japan.

Any other inquires can be directed to the administrative staff via our contact form.

Best Wishes to All!