11/6/09 - Monthly Status Update

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Aug 23, 2009
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Please let me start off this by encouraging all of you that are reading this message, if you have not registered for our forum, please do so by clicking here. We would really like to expand our group and include some really great people! We can't have great content without great people such as yourself! We look forward to meeting you and exchanging information!

Part I

Our grass roots approach has gone very slow here in the beginning. We elected to NOT advertise or publish our site URL on other sites to see what kind of activity we could attract. While our content level is low, we are attracting a number of visitors but most everyone does not register and contribute to our threads. This is understandable and as we improve the main content, I hope the registration rate will increase. Our core focus is providing a free service that can be useful to not only people living in Japan but to visitors from other countries as well. We are considering offering this site in other languages, but that is something we will have to aim for at a later date.

Part II

As discussed previously, the site will get an overhaul with new software and a new design. This is one of the primary reasons we elected not to spend money on advertising. I have also reduced the overall forum size to project a better, less overwhelming feeling for first-time visitors. Our current staff have been going about their daily activities when possible, posting their own thoughts, feelings and reviews as they have time. We are aiming to bring that activity to a more normalized level in the near future.


Going forward, I will attempt to issue a monthly report to let everyone know how things are going from an administrative point of view. Anyone, whether or not you are a registered user, please feel free to contact me directly by clicking here. Please select "General Feedback" so that your message is routed directly to me. I'm open to suggestions from outsiders in addition to any criticism that you may want to offer.

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