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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Club Max Ikebukuro

    Date of Encounter:
    October 2018, Afternoon.

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    60 minutes - 26,000


    Language Notes:
    Japanese, broken Japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    This was my first time experiencing soapland in Japan and thanks to this sub, I went to the right place. It was easy to spot Club Max just by looking at the palm trees outside. I was nervous to enter because i am not fluent in Japanese at all but I can pretend and get around anyway. The moment I said I didn’t have a reservation, the Tencho knew I was a foreigner and showed me the prices. I chose 1 hour so I can try and go two rounds and even have a nice conversation with the lady. To my surprise, the Tencho told me my Japanese was fluent and great (do they do that?) and asked me to wait 10 minutes for the lady to get ready.

    I was nervous again because I couldn’t choose which girl - the Tencho just picked one without asking what I like or who I was looking for. When they got my waiting number, they introduced me to the lovely Rui. I didn’t even check the website to see who was there but damn, the Tencho picked very well!

    Rui told me she was 26 but she looked about mid or late 30s. Her overall demeanor was mature and classiy. She had a beautiful face, with long dyed light-brown hair. Her complexion was light and her body was amazing. I checked the website for her pictures afterwards but seems like it was a photo from years ago. She gained some weight but she still has sexy curves and her breasts were a handful.

    The mat:
    First she washed/soaped me on the chair, told me to get into the tub for BBBJ, then lead me to the mat. It was my first time and she gave me enough experience to really want more of her. I’m thankful that the mat play was not too long nor too short, seemed like she wanted to go for 69 and CFS which I also wanted. Her moans and her desire to want me just fueled me even more and I was glad that she went for CG right away. The way she was on CG, it felt tight and I knew she was intentionally doing that.

    After a few minutes, she gestured for us to go to the bed to continue.

    The bed:
    We only did missionary but she really turned me on while moaning and wanting more. Her DFK also helped with the GFE and made me want to release soon. Nooo. After I got my breath back, she washed me again and offered me some tea. I had about 20 minutes left but I think this is where you need Japanese to communicate so you can get to know her more and also recover for round two.

    The conversation:
    With my broken Japanese and her normal Japanese, we were able to talk a lot about a bunch of stuff. It honestly felt like a date but instead we were both naked. I had a great time getting to know her and seems like she’s fun to hang outside of work lol I won’t share any info but I’ll leave it up to you to meet her and hear about stuff for the first time ;)

    Round two:
    The first buzzer rang and she asked me if I had enough energy left for one more. I indulged and she helped me get hard with BBBJ again. We tried missionary again and while she was moaning and telling me not to stop — sadly, I stopped. She then said next time, ok? :)

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Rui was a complete package. She knows what to do and she’ll do more than get the job done.
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    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the extended review of your experience.
    Think you got pretty lucky!
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