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Aug 23, 2009
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If you are experiencing difficulties in getting your account registered, specifically around the email confirmation process, please read the following information:

Why is email confirmation required?

The Tokyo Adult Guide is currently a public forum in which anyone can register a user account. Because of this reason, we receive a large number of false account registrations that are coming from automated bots or human users who register accounts in an attempt to place unwanted advertisements in our forums.

The email confirmation process helps cut down on the amount of accounts that are registered for unwanted spam. Many of the false accounts use fake email addresses that cannot be confirmed. Thus, we can easily identify these registration attempts and block them from registering further. A valid, normal user would have a working email account and therefore can complete the registration process successfully.

I registered, but did not receive the email confirmation!?

This is another uphill battle we face. Many email providers consider automated forum emails as spam in many cases. Therefore, our activation emails sometimes arrive in your spam or Junk Mail folders. We ask new users that have not received our emails, to check these filters and Junk Mail storage locations to determine if our emails have been routed as spam instead of real mail. To avoid this, please add our domain (tokyoadultguide.com) to your email white list or 'not junk mail' filter. If you find our emails in your junk mail/spam folders, highlight the email and choose 'Not Spam' to let your email provider that you would like to receive our emails. For Outlook users, right-click on the message and choose "Junk EMail" and then choose the appropriate setting as you see fit.

If all else fails?

In the event that you still encounter problems confirmation your registration, please contact us by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page. Please include the necessary details in order for our Account Management team to find the relevant records in our user system. Also, use this form to contact us with any questions you have in general. We aim to answer all mail with in a few hours of being received, if not immediately.

We do apologize for the problems in receiving the emails, we are working with email providers to comply with their required policies to be considered a legitimate mail processing service.

Thank You.

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Note: We have had the most problems with any @yahoo.com, @yahoo.ca, @yahoo.co.jp address. We advise you to use another email account or adjust your spam filters inside your Yahoo! email account.
A short reply form the account management team:

Our policies have not been updated to reflect dormant accounts that are unconfirmed by their owner. Now, we would like to share the draft version of this policy to keep our current and new members informed.

Draft Version: TAG AUP said:
For the purposes of account management actions, the following section deals with user accounts that have not been confirmed by the original registrant using the provided mechanisms.

The follow criteria will be applied to accounts that meet the following conditions:

Deletion of Accounts

  • Standard user accounts that have been used for posting will NOT be deleted.
  • Accounts that have not been confirmed by automatic or manual methods within 30 days of the original registration date.
  • Accounts that have been confirmed but however have not logged in within 30 days since the initial registration date.
Banning of Accounts:

  • Automatic, permanent bans will be applied to accounts found to be in violation of the "No Spam" rule.
  • Automatic, permanent bans will be applied to accounts found to be placing paid reviews or otherwise misleading the Tokyo Adult Guide readers.
  • Automatic, temporary bans will be applied to accounts found to be violation of basic site guidelines.
Disabling of Accounts:

  • Users that wish to halt their account service, may do so by requesting this action from the Account Management Team.

The current AUP is a work-in-progress document that we hope to establish by the end of the Spring season.

If you have any questions, as Eliah stated above, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.

Thank You!

TAG Account Management Team