News 5/24/12 - Chrome Incognito Mode

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Aug 23, 2009
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Recently, we have been made aware of an issue with visitors using the Chrome browser in incognito mode. As this mode restricts and more tightly controls how our site functions, this can create some problems when trying to browse for a certain period of time or taking extended time to make a post.

To alleviate problems in posting, we suggest that you write your new post or new reply in a text editor and then copy and paste that into the post editor here at the Tokyo Adult Guide. This will prevent losing a long post you may have written for submission.

At this time, we are investigating ways to assist our members and visitors who wish to use the Chrome Incognito mode.

Please see this article for a brief explanation of this mode:

If you are experiencing problems of being logged out or timed out when making a post, please send us a bug report via the 'Contact Us' form via the link at the bottom right of this page. (N/A for mobile devices using Forumrunner or Tapatalk)

We appreciate your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Updated: 5/27/12

We have made some small adjustments that have made some improvements to the following points:

- Chrome Incognito Mode
- Forumrunner Mobile Application

While reconfiguring some items for the Chrome issue, we discovered a number of failures related to those using the Forumrunner application, which we were able to resolve in one bug fix.

We will continue to monitor a few controls to make sure that our members and visitors have a trouble-free experience. We do apologize for any inconveniences caused by these recent issues.

Please continue to report any problems via the 'Contact Us' form or by making a post in the 'Website Suggestions & Feedback' section.

Thank You!