8/31/09: Site Updates, Yet to come.

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Aug 23, 2009
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Tomorrow, we open up the registration tables for new users. However, the site is largely 'incomplete' and there is a reason for this:

The two core software pieces we are using, both are due for a large update in the near future. Because of this, we have put off putting in the custom aspects of the site/system. We will be upgrading to the latest revision of both pieces of software and we are not 100% sure if the changes we make now, will carry over successfully to the new version.

Until the upgrade occurs, we will operate in sort of a 'bare bones' mode. We did not want to delay the registration and actual launch of the site any longer, so please bear with us in the coming months.

The actual time frame is unknown, but we do expect all of this to be done towards the end of this year.


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