9/1/09 - Forums Registration Opens & Some Other News

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Aug 23, 2009
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Welcome to the Tokyo Adult Guide!

There are a couple of things I want to say right off the bat that I want our first users to know:

1) We are still working on the forum design and layout, if you would like to see a section added for a specific topic, please let us know. There may be some graphics missing here and there as we are editing the main theme to get where we want it.

2) The Adult (18+) section will eventually be restricted to viewers that are not registered. We are still working out the details on how to go about letting people know that that section exists, but not let everyone view it freely without some type of check process (registration).

3) As far as we can tell, everything seems to be working. Please be sure to add the domain 'tokyoadultguide.com' to your email system white list to avoid our emails getting dropped in your spam or trash folders. You cannot complete user registration without getting the email confirmation message! Please use the 'Contact Us' link if you are having problems in the registration process.

4) For web browser security, we reccomend using the browser 'FireFox' with the add-on called "NoScript". If you are using this nice piece of security software, you should allow the following sites for the Tokyo Adult Guide: *.tokyoadultguide.com, google-analytics.com & googleapis.com. If this list changes, we will let you know.

5) The Private Messaging system will become available after a user has reached 10 posts. Again, this is an Anti-Spam measure and we appreciate your understanding. Other certain features will expand or become enabled as you generate more posts.

6) The user rating system is enabled here as well as the infraction system. If a poster puts up something useful or entertaining, please give that user positive feed back by clicking the meter in the top right part of each user's post bit.

7) Why vBulletin? Many large, successful forums use vBulletin as their main messaging platform. Recently, vBulletin has included more social aspects to allow users to have custom profiles, user groups and albums to share images with. All persons involved with this new forum at TAG, have a number of years of experience with vBulletin at least from version 2.x. Thus, we feel that this product is a good choice in both reliability and security.

8) New features to come: We'll be adding in the front entrance pages and also a user blogging system so that users have more freedom to write & publish their own articles here at TAG. Check this section for new information as we get closer to full production mode.

9) Lastly, why create this forum? We wanted to create a new board dedicated to life in Tokyo and Japan in general. A few decent boards already exist but are laden with advertisements and somewhat too censored in some cases. We appreciate the freedom speech but reserve the right to edit or remove posts based on user complaints or posting material/files that are illegal. A more detail list of what is not allowed will be published soon. We hope that new users that find their way here will make this a new home and help contribute to the success of this new site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please enjoy your stay! If you have some moderator experience, we will be adding moderators later on this year. There will be an application period and we'll pick a few to start out with. (Actual number of mods will depend on the activity of the board itself.)

Please, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

TAG Operations Manager

NOTE: This information may change without notice. Please check this thread for updates as we get started.