A couple elusive things...


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Oct 20, 2012
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Hi all!

There are a couple of things that seem incredibly elusive to foreigners that I am curious about.

I've been in and out of Japan a few times now, totaling up to around three years of total time living here. During this time I've heard murmurs and mentions of sex parties or orgies or whatever you want to call them. I'm not talking about couple swinging parties, which seem much more openly available for some reason, but rather plain parties where gender imbalances can and do occur (I've heard attendance at these parties is mostly female). Supposedly they're usually hosted at a hotel the group has chosen on a regular schedule.

Where does one find more info on these and how can he join? There's no easy or obvious way in that I can perceive.

Second, it seems that JAV companies hold various promotional events involving their stars varying from mass BJs (eugh, not quite my thing) to winning a night with an actress. Is there any nice central point for finding out about these?

I realize both of these questions are bit outside of this forum's specialties (which seem escort/service focused) but I'm not quite sure where else to ask.
I'm not sure about the sex parties. You likely have to know people who know people- you might be better off going to a happening bar or a couple kissa, but you have to bring a girl to one of those.

As for the JAV thing, there's virtually no chance that a foreigner would be selected for the 'fuck a fan' promotion. I've watched too much JAV in my day, and I think there was maybe one time in a Azumi Harusaki video where all the guys faces were blurred that one of the dudes seemed like a westerner.

It seems like westerners are accepted at the standard meet and greets they have - DVD signing events, etc at porn shops - assuming you speak good Japanese, and I know places like Red Dragon (JAV hostess bar) are supposedly westerner friendly, assuming good language skills.

Aside from that, there's little-mango.com, which doesn't seem to be filming right now, or finding a sex shop that has porn stars.