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    OK, I know I'm new to this forum (I've been reading for a year but only created my account today) but I've something specific to mention about my experience that haven't seen mentioned on here. If it has been mentioned, please forgive me.

    I had my first ever P4P experience a month ago in Japan (actually, full disclosure, I was a 27 year old virgin so it was also my first sexual experience). I went with Asian Mystique after reading the forum here extensively. At this point I want to say a big thank you for all contributors on here. The information and tips you posted helped make things go very smoothly for me. Incidentally, Asian Mystique are very easy to deal with.

    Now, I want to mention what a difference getting a conversation going with the girls made for me.

    The first time I was very nervous and although I wasn't rude (introduced myself, offered the girl a drink, remembered my manners) I struggled to get a conversation going. We talked for maybe 5 minutes before showering and then playing. Although the experience was very, very fun this was all 100% down to the girls positive attitude. She had to coax a conversation out of me at points. After she'd left I felt like an idiot.

    2 days later I saw the same girl. Now, I can be quite charming with the ladies when I want to be and this time I was on much better form. We had a really nice conversation for the first 15 minutes. This continued as we showered and then when we got out, instead of just getting straight down to business we had another brief 5 minute chat. And let me just say, this took the experience from very, very fun to out of this world awesome. I'm lucky that we had a few things in common and we just 'clicked'. It felt much more like a GFE.

    We actually had 40 minutes of the last part of the appointment where we just talked. And I really, really, really enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want it to end. We talked about hobbies, movies and music. Found out we had some similar likes and also practised our language skills (I can speak a little Japanese and she was happy to help test my abilities). That for me is the real joy of getting a winner. The girl wont only make you feel good physically, she will also make you feel like you are really connecting.

    So, I know when the girl arrives you might be nervous, over excited, or just plain eager to get down to business, but please consider taking things slower. Trust me, the girls can only do so much even if you get really lucky and get one with a great attitude like I did. If you don't talk to them, it's hard for them to make you feel special. So please, try talking first for 10 minutes or so and keep the conversation going. Also, the added benifit is that you then know if you and the girl connect at all or not. Which will help you decide if you want to see them again.

    I did see another girl whilst in Japan and although she was wonderful and I would definitely see her again, we didn't quite click like I did with the first girl. Which is just the way life works with anyone. Some people you really hit it off with, some people not so much.

    I know I'm new to this game and I'm sure there are plenty of seasoned guys on here who know this anyway but I just thought I'd share my point of view.

    Lastly, I haven't mentioned the girls names because I don't want anything I've said here to be interpreted as a negative review of them. Some people may think that it was their job to make sure that they hit it off with me and write them off because of it.
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    To be fair, nothing you wrote reflects negatively, at least from what I can tell.

    You may want to give your girl credit, where credit is due unless you want to keep her all to yourself! :)

    Overall, I'm glad to hear that you experience went well and we appreciate your kind feedback.

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